ULLU I Love You Web Series Episode 5 Written Updates (Part 2) – Prabha and Tejasswi Aunty Hot Scenes Full Details

Tejasswi aunty was making the list of guests to invite for Suraj & Natasha wedding and Aakash came there. He grabbed her from behind but when she turned he said that he thought it was Prabha. She sits on his lap and tells him to give her a kiss and Aakash said that Prabha might come. Prabha came there and she asks Aakash to help her in setting up the lights and Aakash went to help her.

Aakash was helping Prabha in the decorations and suddenly they both got very close but Tejasswi aunty called her and she left. Tejasswi aunty came inside the room looking for Prabha and Aakash was alone there. She locked the room from inside and then started kissing him. Aakash tried to resist but she slapped him and continued kissing.

Tejasswi aunty removed Aakash’s vest and she started kissing on his chest and after that she took off her blouse. Finally Aakash gives up in front of Tejasswi aunty’s seduction and she takes off his pant after that started giving him pleasure from the down side. Aakash strips Tejasswi aunty’s petticoat and panty after that she started providing satisfaction to him. Aakash puts her on a small bed and he completely satisfied her.

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Later in the evening, Aakash was doing decorations on the terrace and Prabha tells him that you look like Beghani Shaadi Mein Abdulla Deewana because you don’t think about your own marriage. Aakash tells her that for that he needs to find a girl first. Prabha says that he has found the girl. Aakash says that he knows but girl needs to say something first. Prabha tells him that its not important to say anything rather I can do.

Prabha and Aakash started kissing each other at the terrace and then he took her to bedroom. They were continuously locking lips and then she puts him on bed. They went outside once again and Prabha was eating chocolate while Aakash was eating it from her lips while kissing her. They both took off each others shirt.

Prabha rubs chocolate on her body and Aakash was licking it. Aakash opens the knots of Prabha’s bra and then he strips off her panty as well as his pant. Aakash sits on a couch and Prabha sits on top of him after which he started pleasuring her.

Natasha came back from shopping with Suraj and Tejasswi aunty told her to call Aakash down as he is at the terrace. Natasha went to terrace and she gets tempted seeing Aakash making out with Prabha. Natasha leaves from there. Aakash started satisfying Prabha from behind and she got completely satisfied by the end.

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