ULLU I Love You Web Series Episode 6 Written Updates (Part 2) – Natasha and Prabha Hot Scenes Full Details

Prabha and Aakash were looking at each other while having dinner on the dining table and Natasha noticed that. Natasha looked at Suraj and he was busy in eating dinner. Suraj asks Natasha, Where are you lost? She responds by saying nothing.

Aakash came out of the shower in a towel and someone knocked at the door of his bedroom. He opened the door and Natasha was at the doorstep. She brought a bottle of wine and glasses with her. Natasha and Aakash started drinking wine together.

Natasha started feeling Aakash’s body with her face and then she started kissing him on lips. Aakash made her sit on his lap and he started kissing all over her body. He throws Natasha on bed and then started doing lip kissing with her. Aakash slowly started going down and he started licking Natasha’s navel.

Aakash was continuously kissing on Natasha’s thighs and legs. Natasha takes off her top and he started passionately kissing her around her neck. Aakash takes off Natasha’s denim shorts and then he kissed her upper thighs area.

Natasha gets on top of Aakash and she started kissing his chest, at the same time she was giving him pleasure by touching his lower part. Natasha started giving him pleasure by her mouth and he was loving it.

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Finally Aakash unties Natasha’s panty and he lifts her in his arms and started giving her satisfaction. Aakash started giving her enjoyment from behind and Natasha was having a good time. Natasha got completely satisfied by Aakash.

It turns out that Natasha was seeing a dream and she wakes up at last. She said, “Aakash now I will get you no matter what.”

Prabha in her room was having a tough time in hooking her bra and Aakash helped her. He started flirting with her and she said stop or else someone will see. Aakash tells her that he is not afraid of anyone. Tejasswi aunty calls them and he got scared. Prabha says to Aakash that I love this innocence of yours. He tried to say I LOVE YOU to her but failed and they both went downstairs. Tejasswi aunty tells Prabha to call mehandi waali.

Aakash and Prabha started making out in the bedroom. He opened the hook of her bra and started kissing on her exposed back. Aakash started giving Prabha pleasure from behind and he ends up satisfying her fully.

Aakash comes out of Prabha’s bedroom and Tejasswi aunty grabs him by his arm and then she makes out with him. Aakash satisfies Tejasswi aunty as well.

Aakash was standing alongside a wall and someone grabbed him from behind.

Aakash was relaxing in the pool and Natasha comes out of the water. Aakash said Natasha and she puts her finger on his lips and tells her not to scream. She started making out with Aakash in the pool. Natasha asks Aakash, Did you used to love me? He responds saying yes. Natasha says but you failed to say I LOVE YOU and she said that there is no need of it.

Natasha said I Love You to Aakash.

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