ULLU Web Series The Bucket List (2023) Lead Actress Name, Story Written Updates, Star Cast Info, Pics, and More

New hot web series on ULLU OTT APP titled The Bucket List has been released already and it features two young gorgeous actresses as main leads along with three male actors. It has a very complex but interesting storyline about a psycho wife and her quest to fulfil her desires at any cost.

The Bucket List Web Series on ULLU OTT APP is available in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu dubbed languages. It has multiple parts and it Part 1 was released on 10 November 2023, while its part 2 will release on 17 November 2023.

ULLU Web Series The Bucket List (2023) Full Story Written Updates

Viren gets married to a girl named Rani and she tells him about her bucket list of desires which she wants to fulfil. Rani starts making out with Viren in different ways and finally he gets annoyed with her weird wishes. Rani even makes out with the girlfriend of her Devar.

Viren gets angry with Rani and he scolds her. Rani decides to take revenge from Viren and she makes out with her Devar Sharad and that too in front of her husband. Rani decides to leave Viren house’s and run away with her Devar Sharad.

Everyone refuses to give room to Rani & Sharad and then Rani tells Sharad that we will now do the drama of being married. Sharad’s girlfriend Madhu came to Viren house to console him and Viren ends up making out with Madhu on the couch.

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Rani along with Sharad went to Sudhir house to get a room for rent and after seeing the beauty of Rani, Sudhir agrees to give them the room. Sharad was having a tough time to get a new job and Rani gets worried, she seeks help from Sudhir and he helped Sharad in getting a night shift job.

One day Rani tells Sharad that she wants to eat Puri Bhaji, but he tells her that he is tired and then Sudhir brought Puri Bhaji for her. Rani eats Puri Bhaji along with Sudhir and then he gifted her a hot outfit. Rani wears the outfit and Sharad gets angry on her, also he threatened her. Rani makes out with Sudhir on the bed when Sharad was sleeping on the same bed.

Rani tells Sharad about her next bucket list wish and she said that she wants to do a threesome. Sharad gets angry and threatens to kill her. Sudhir agrees to fulfil the wish of Rani and he calls a friends of his, after which the trio made threesome romance on bed.

Rani kills Sharad by poisoning his food and then she fools the police. In the end, Rani and Sudhir were seen kissing each other on bed.

What is the name of lead actresses in ULLU The Bucket List Web Series?

Bharti Jha and Aayushi Jaiswal are the two main lead actresses in ULLU The Bucket List web series.

ULLU Web Series The Bucket List (2023) Full Cast and Crew Names

  • Web Series Title – The Bucket List
  • Genre – Psycho Drama
  • Lead Actors – Santosh Kumar as Sudhir, Prashant Kumar Singh as Viren (Husband), Danish Kapai as Sharad (Devar)
  • Lead Actresses – Bharti Jha as Rani (Viren’s Wife), Aayuushi Jaiswal as Madhu (Sharad’s Girlfriend)
  • Directed by – Bhomik
  • D.O.P – Shobhit Singh
  • Written by – Rajender Prasad
  • H.O.P – S. Nair
  • Costume Stylist – Renu
  • Art Director – Mohb Rafique
  • Co-Produced by – Skav Productions
  • Produced by – ULLU Digital Private Limited

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