MasterChef India Episode 10 January 2023 Written Updates – PAN-Asian Challenge – Top 8 Dishes- Who Got Safe? Full Info

On the MasterChef India Season 7 episode 7 which was telecasted on 10 January 2023 we witnessed Chef Garima Arora cooking food in the Kitchen and then she gave a PAN-Asian challenge to the contestants. Once the contestants gets done cooking PAN-Asian dishes with Indian ingredients, Chef’s tasted 8 dishes and then top 2 contestants gets selected for immunity.

All the contestants came for their next challenge and Chef Garima Arora was cooking in the MasterChef Kitchen. Vikas Khanna praised her by saying that Garima is a inspiration for many. Female contestants said that they get strength seeing Garima.

Garima told that she stays in Bangkok, Thailand and sometimes she doesn’t get the Indian ingredients and then she manipulates the local Thai ingredients to cook Indian style cuisines. Both Ranveer Brar & Vikas Khanna tasted the dish cooked by Garima Arora and they both loved her dish. Vikas asked her, What made this dish taste so fresh? She said its the betel leaf.

MasterChef India Season 7 2nd Challenge Details with Top 8 Dishes Names :

PAN-Asian Challenge Details – Indian ingredients will be made available in the Pantry but the contestants won’t cook Indian food because the plate will be PAN-Asian. Contestants will get 60 minutes time limit to cook their dish and top 2 will join Nayanjyoti & Nazia in the Gallery.

Contestants will get only 5 minutes to collect the ingredients from the Pantry and Chef’s will taste only 8 dishes. Amul Pantry was open and Pushp masalas were also available.

Contestants started collecting the ingredients for their dishes and Dyuti Banerjee didn’t got the coconut milk for her item. Dyuti sees two cartons of coconut milk on Vineet’s platform and she requests him to give him one and he said that I won’t get enough of it then.

Gurkirat Singh helped Urmila Baa as she was having some problems with some techniques because of which his time was getting wasted. Chef Garima Arora came and she helped her in making the dish.

Deepa Chauhan tells Chef Vikas Khanna while cooking that PAN Asian food comes under her comfort zone and Vikas tells her that he wants her in the top 8. Eggs were a important ingredient for Gurkirat’s dish and 3 out of 4 eggs got broken.

Finally the time limit got up and then the time came for the Chef’s to taste top 8 dishes. Ranveer Brar announced the top 8 dish which will be tasted by the Chef’s today :

1. Santa Sarmah – She made Chinese Dim sum with mushroom and chicken filling along with a hot oil chilli sauce. Chef’s tasted the momos (Dim sum) made by her and Garima Arora said that Santa came very close to Chinese flavours and she is back. Ranveer Brar said that she made a bridge of taste.

2. Suvarna – She made a Thai Dessert and all three Chef’s tasted a spoon of it. Ranveer Brar said that she celebrated humble ingredients in a humble dish. Vikas Khanna said that her dish is a victory. Garima Arora thanked her for her dish.

3. Kamal Deep – She made Soba Noodles and Chef’s tasted the noodles prepared by her. Garima Arora said that Kamal Deep’s relation with her kids reminds her of her relation with her dad. Ranveer Brar told her about the multiple techniques relating to making Soba noodles like stretching the noodles and making broth.

4. Priyanka Kundu Biswas – She made a dish named Vietnamese Banh. Garima Arora told her after tasting her dish that her connect of Coffee and Banh is too good.

5. Sachin Khatwani – He made Gochujang Ice Crea and Chef Ranveer Brar said after tasting his Ice Cream that this ice cream usually comes with a sour taste which is missing in it.

6. Avinash – He made a dish named Khow Suey and he told Che’s that he made this dish for the first time. Garima Arora said that this dish for her is an experience and its important to capture the feeling. She told him that she loved it.

7. Deepa Chauhan – She made Chicken Satay with Thai Peanut Sauce. All three Chef’s tasted her dish and Vikas Khanna said that he felt like that he has reached Thailand without ticket or visa. Ranveer Brar said that he liked the combination of Ginger and Lemon in her dish. Garima Arora said that she is trying to find a problem in her dish but she failed.

8. Aruna Vijay – She made a dish named Miang Kham and she said that she saw this dish getting cooked in a Thai restaurant but never managed to taste it because its non-veg and that’s why she made a veg version of it. Chef’s tasted the Miang Kham dish made by her and Ranveer Brar loved the betel leaf taste in it. Garima Arora told her that she nailed it.

Finally all three Chef’s started announcing the results for todays PAN-Asian challenge of MasterChef India Season 7 and these are the names of the top two contestants who got saved :

Savurna Vijay Bagul and Aruna Vijay gets saved from the eliminations.

Amul Dish of the Day – Aruna Vijay

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