Ullu Web Series Palang Tod ( Gaon Ki Garmi ) Episode 1 Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

Raju comes to his village to his Mama’s place and he thinks that where he has arrived leaving the urban life. Raju gets flattered seeing his hot Mami ‘Meenu’ washing clothes and suddenly his Mama arrives. He calls Meenu and tells him to take care of Raju. Raju went with them inside.

Raju was lying on bed outside thinking about his hot Mami washing clothes and Mama receives a call for some work. Mama tells Raju that he is going to the farm and then he left. Raju peeks inside the washroom and Meenu Mami was changing her clothes and she was looking damn hot in a bra and petticoat. Mami wears blouse and Raju closes the windw after which he goes away. Raju goes in a corner and he starts pleasuring himself by thinking about Mami changing clothes.

Mama and Raju were eating dinner and Raju praises the food cooked by Mami. Mama asks Mami to bring more for him. Raju says that he is having a lot of fun being here and Mama says that there is a different flavour in the village soil. Mami tells Raju to eat more so that he can roam around the village tomorrow properly.

At late night in bedroom Mami was massaging Mama’s legs and slowly she starts moving her hand upwards. Mami starts pleasuring Mama and he says what are you doing. Mami says nothing is happening and Mama says I get tired after work. Mami says that your machine has a fault then Mama says I will show you now and he starts romancing her. Mami sits on top of Mama and he opens her blouse. Mami starts kissing him. Raju was hearing their lovemaking noise from outside and he wakes up. Mama tells her that lets do our desi style and he gets on top and starts kissing her. Raju starts outside who has come at night. Mama kisses Mami all over her body, her legs, her arms etc and she was enjoying a lot. Raju peeks inside from the window. Mama failed to satisfy Mami and she gets disappointed. Raju thinks that Mami is not happy and I should give her real fun as I need to do something by which she comes close to me.

Next morning, Mama and Raju were carrying the fodder for the cows and Mama asks him do you know how to cut grass, Raju says no then Mama teaches him. Mama receives a call for work and he leaves telling Raju to keep cutting the grass. Mami went to washroom and she takes off her saree. Mami starts humming a song and Raju hears that. Raju peeks inside from window as she takes off her blouse. Raju thinks how hot she looks. Mama comes inside washroom and he hugged Mami from behind and he starts making romance to her again. Mami takes off her bra and Mama starts kissing her. Mama goes down with her and they have each other a bath then Mami tells him to do it fast as she needs to cook food. Mama starts satisfying her and assks her, are you enjoying and she says yes. Raju outside says that I have to do something about this Mama

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