Shark Tank India Season 2 EP 7 Written Updates (10 January 2023) – Biggest Deals, All Pitches & Money Invested

Shark Tank India Season 2 episode 7 has been aired already on 10 January 2023, Tuesday on Sony TV and we saw a kids gaming apps making studio offering a deal to investors for a stake in their company. A mother son duo made a successful deal for their homemade salad making brand and in the end, three young guys showcased their digital Stethoscopes to the investors and Namita Thapar got excited seeing their product.

Shark Tank 2 Episode 7 All Pitches and Investments Made – Full Info :

First Pitch – Sourav Gupta and Gunjan Gupta – Founders of GunjanApps Studios – They made their pitch for their gaming apps studio which helps in kids learning and Gunjan asks for Rs 2.5 Crores for a share of 1% Equity in their App making company.

Sourav told investors about how he got the idea of this App making company and all the sharks laughed a lot because it was entertaining. He showed a demo of their app on the big screen and then he said that after Covid, kids spent a lot of time on mobile phones and they want to give them quality screen time.

Vineeta Singh said that she disagrees with their vision because these games are very addictive. Sourav said that their top game has over 3 lakh positive reviews. Aman Gupta said that he agrees with Sourav. Anupam Mittal told Sourav that his apps are copied versions of US based Apps like ABC Mouse.

Sourav told Peyush that we get revenue from three strings which are ads, in-app purchases, and monthly subscriptions. Peyush Bansal congratulated him for making such a profitable business. Sourav tells Peyush that his business is on decline because they are shifting from ads to subscription model.

Vineeta Singh said that she is out because this model is very addictive. Namita also said that she is out for the same reason which was given by Vineeta. Anupam Mittal said that he is also out because they can’t compete with US based companies.

Peyush Bansal said that he has made a decision and he is out because this needs a lot of work. Aman Gupta said that he liked them because they are very passionate but he is out.

Second Pitch – Soham Payal Pathak and Payal Pathak – Founders of The Simply Salad – A mother son duo came and they made a pitch for their Salad making brand which is available on monthly subscriptions as well as Swiggy Zomato. They offered 10% Equity for Rs 30 lakhs.

Soham told investors that he is 19 Years old and he included his mother name in his middle name because his mother is a single mother and she single handedly raised him. Soham said that he is still studying from Ahmedabad University. Payal told them that Soham sees the finance and social media departments.

Payal and Soham served their salads to the sharks. All the investors liked the salad given to them by Payal and Soham after which they took 1 more serving. They told the price of Salad for weekly subscribers and Aman said its costly. Anupam Mittal told Aman that its very cheap as compared to others.

Aman told them that it can become a big business and he as well as Vineeta will give them an offer to which Namita said that its a miracle. Vineeta Singh and Aman Gupta offered them Rs 30 lakhs for 10% Equity.

Namita Thapar said that she is out and she is happy that they are getting a great offer from Aman and Vineeta as a combo. Anupam Mittal told them that he doesn’t think they both need an investment and that’s why he is out. Peyush Bansal said that he is out and both Aman & Vineeta are very capable to help them.

Finally the deal was made with Aman Gupta and Vineeta Singh for 10% Equity at Rs 30 lakhs

Third Pitch – Adarsh Kachappilly, Tapas Pandey and Varad Patil – Founders of AyuSynk They made their pitch for their digital Stethoscope brand and they offered 1.5 Equity in their company for Rs 1 crore. They gave a demo of their Stethoscope to Peyush Bansal and they said that it can help the doctors in villages to treat patients while consuming less time.

Adarsh, Tapas, and Varad gave different models of their products to the sharks. Adarsh said that each piece of Stethoscope costs around Rs 12000 and he also said that they have already sold around 5000 divices. Adarsh told Namita that they will use the funding by them in buying RAW materials for making more stethoscopes.

Vineeta Singh and Aman Gupta said that they both are out. Anupam Mittal said that he is out because this market is very small and also doctors are resistant to change.

Peyush Bansal offered them Rs 50 lakhs for 5% Equity and another 50 lakhs in debt at 12% interest. Peyush tells Namita to join her in this deal but she said that she wants to go solo for this deal. Namita made a offer of Rs 50 lakhs for 4% Equity and another Rs 50 lakhs in debt at 10% interest.

Finally the deal was made with Namita Thapar for of Rs 50 lakhs for 3.5% and another Rs 50 lakhs in debt at 10% interest.

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