Ullu Web Series Wrong Turn (Part 1) Episode 2 Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

Karan was staring at Sapna’s photograph on his mobile in his office and his colleague tells him to be careful as you might get in trouble. Karan says don’t worry as Janhvi won’t find about it and Bhabhi just wants long lasting satisfaction. His colleague says that my job was to warn you and Karan says don’t teach your father.

Sapna gave medicine to her mother-in-law and she asks why is Janhvi laughing. Sapna says Karan came that’s why. Her mother-in-law says that I don’t know why he comes here everyday because they haven’t got married yet. Sapna says that the times have changed and they are young so they will get to know each other better. Her mother-in-law says don’t tell me all this because I know why he comes and its Kalyug. Sapna says I’ll come back.

Karan and Janhvi were kissing each other in the bedroom. Karan kissed on her neck and then her lips. He takes off her night dress while kissing on her left shoulder. Karan started kissing on her neck again and slowly he started moving down. He completely removed her dress after which he kissed on her navel and started moving upwards slowly while kissing.

Janhvi lays down on bed and Karan removed her shirt. She untied her hair and tells her to come on bed. Karan gets on bed and Sapna was stalking them both from outside the room. Karan once again started kissing on her neck and she was enjoying a lot. Janhvi and Karan started lip to lip kissing and Sapna was getting excited seeing them. Karan started gently touching on her legs and then he started kissing all over her body while Sapna was still stalking them. Karan receives a phone call from his boss and Janhvi says not today. Karan says its my boss call so I need to pick it up. Karan tells his boss that he is coming in half an hour. He tells Janhvi that he needs to leave because its an important meeting. Janhvi remained unsatisfied.

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Sapna came in her bedroom and Akash was working on his laptop. She started thinking about the love making of Janhvi and Karan. She asks Akash, are you busy? He says I have a lot of work. She tells him to leave work and Akash says I need to submit it tomorrow anyhow. Sapna asks don’t you have even a little bit of time? Akash says I am not in mood today sorry.

Next morning, Janhvi was talking to Karan on phone and she tells him to come because bhaiya is in office, bhabhi doesn’t have any problem with you and I will give medicine to mom after which she will sleep. Janhvi tells her mother to take medicine and her mother asks, who were you talking to on phone? Janhvi responds Karan. Her mother says its not right for both of you to meet that much before marriage as even after marriage I didn’t let your father see my face during my suhagraat. Janhvi asks, so that means nothing happened. Her mother says your father did what he wanted but I didn’t let him see my face. Janhvi says ok its time for you to take medicine.

Bell rings and Janhvi opened the door. Karan came inside and he takes Janhvi in his arms but Janhvi stopped him saying lets go to room otherwise bhabhi will see. Both of them went to the room and they started kissing each other on lips. Janhvi took off Karan’s shirt and then she pushed him on bed. Janhvi started opening the buttons of her shirt one by one. She completely removed her shirt and then sits on the lap of Karan. Karan gently started moving his hand around her legs and back. Both of them started intense kissing on lips but suddenly bell rings.

Karan says seems like someone has arrived and Janhvi says leave it, bhabhi will see after which they both continued their kissing. Bell rings again and Karan tells her to go and see who’s on the door. Janhvi wears her clothes back and she went to open the door.

Janhvi opened the door and she gets shocked seeing Pawan at her doorsteps. Sapna says he’s Pawan interior decorator and she tells him to start with Janhvi’s room. Pawan tried to grab Janhvi’s hand but she pushed him away. Janhvi asks him, what are you doing here? He asks her, why are you getting married to Karan? Janhvi says I got tired of waiting for you and you were my past so get out from here. Pawan asks, do you remember our first kiss? Janhvi slapped Pawan. Sapna came in room and Pawan says yes madam all sorted. Janhvi says I showed him the room. Sapna smiled.

Sapna was getting ready for the dinner and Akash called her. He informed her that he can’t come because he has a Google meeting with London client. Sapna says yes I understand that your meeting is very important so its ok.

Janhvi was upset and Karan asked her what happened. She says nothing. Karan says you are not with me and then he grabbed her tightly and asks her to tell what happened. Janhvi says leave me because you are hurting me. Karan says what about the pain of my heart. Janhvi went outside the room crying.

Sapna noticed Janhvi coming out of the bedroom crying and she asks Karan what happened? Why did Janhvi went to mom’s room crying? Karan says it seems she is hiding something from me. Sapna says even you are hiding something. Karan asks, what am I hiding? Sapna snatches his phone and says its the same picture you clicked of me in the garden. Karan says sorry bhabhi. She tells Karan that he is a good photographer. She asks him, did he want to see her without clothes? Sapna opened her robe.

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