Ullu Web Series Wrong Turn (Part 1) Episode 3 Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

Sapna takes off her robe and then she started playing with her hair. Karan takes her in his arms and he kissed on her neck. Karan kissed on her ears and lips a bit then he removed his shirt. Sapna was lying on bed and Karan started kissing on her back after which he turned her around and they both started lip kissing. Karan started kissing all over her body and she was having a lot of fun. Karan then started giving her pleasure and Sapna was enjoying it too much.

Akash came in the bedroom but fortunately both Sapna and Karan were in the blanket so he failed to catch them. Karan under the blanket says that oh Janhvi I love you so much and I love your whole family as well. Akash wonders that it was Karan and Janhvi under the blanket.

Akash went in the bedroom. Sapna came in the room and asks what the hell Karan is doing in Janhvi’s room this late at night, this is a family house and they both are not married yet? Akash says don’t worry they will get married soon and in todays times its hard to find a guy like Karan and also you think I am a simple guy but I am not, I know what everyone is doing in this house.

Next day, Karan and Janhvi came back from shopping, Karan says I got very tired by going to one store to another. Janhvi says don’t worry I will take care of you. She was going to kiss Karan but Sapna came there. Janhvi started showing her dress to Sapna and Karan says wear it and then show her. Janhvi tells Karan to come with him because there is a zip in the dress so he can help her in wearing it.

Janhvi came out of the room after wearing the dress to show it to Sapna but she was not there. Janhvi started searching her and she received a call from Pawan. Pawan sends a video to Janhvi in which they both were making love with each other. He tells her to meet her otherwise he will circulate the video. Janhvi says ok I will meet you.

Janhvi went to Pawan’s house and he tells her that he is going to leave the town forever but before that he wants to make love with her one last time after that he will delete the video. Janhvi asks, are you serious that you will leave the city? Pawan says trust me but I have one more condition which is that I want you to make intense love with me just like you used to do during old times. Janhvi agreed.

Janhvi sits on bed and Pawan kissed her. He says I am not having fun and I am not getting that old feeling. Janhvi grabbed him by collar and she started kissing him. Janhvi lies on bed and Karan removed her dress as well as his shirt. He started kissing on her legs and slowly moving upwards he kissed all over her body, her navel, neck and then lips. Janhvi was enjoying a lot They both started lip kissing and Pawan moved his hands around her legs. He started giving her intense pleasure by sitting on top of her and she was loving it.

Janhvi was crying sitting outside her room and Sapna came. Sapna showed her the recent video of her making love with Pawan and asks her what’s this? Janhvi tells Sapna everything about Pawan blackmailing her and Sapna gave her an idea.

Janhvi makes a phone call to Pawan and tells her that after last night I was thinking about you a lot and can we meet again tonight at the same place. She then asks Sapna, what now bhabhi?

Janhvi went to Pawan’s house and she gets shocked seeing Pawan’s dead body. Janhvi grabbed the knife which was on the floor and Sapna clicked her pictures with the knife in hand. She tells Janhvi that I killed Pawan but I have your love making video with Pawan, messages as well as your pictures with the knife. Sapna tells Janhvi to go her Nana Nani house in Nasik and don’t call or message Karan. Janhvi agrees.

Next day, Karan asks Akash that how did Janhvi went to Nani’s house without telling me. Akash says she talked to Nani on phone and got emotional so I told her to go for few days. Sapna whispers in Karan’s ears that tonight we will meet in Janhvi’s room.

Late at night, Karan was waiting for Sapna in Janhvi’s bedroom but Akash started making love with her in his bedroom. Karan peeks inside their room from the window and he got angry seeing her making love with Akash. By mistake flower vase on the table fell down by Karan’s hand and Akash’s mother shouts who’s here? Akash and Sapna came out of the room. Karan asks what happened bhaiya? Akash says it seems someone is here and he tells Karan to start searching.

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