Ullu Web Series Wrong Turn (Part 1) Episode 1 Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

A guy meets Sapna (Paromita Dey) by the poolside and he tells her that I thought that I will get married to a local girl so that even after marriage I will keep on meeting you but I didn’t knew that my marriage will get fixed in London. He tells her that he can’t go against his family. Sapna says its ok as I had true feeling for you so stay happy. He tells Sapna that he wants to make their last meeting the most memorable one.

Sapna pushed him in the pool and then she took off her towel. She gets inside the pool and then both of them started kissing each other. Both of them went underwater and they were still kissing. He lifts Sapna in his arms and then puts her on the side of the pool. He started kissing on her legs slowly moving upwards after which he kissed on her navel followed by her neck and then her lips. Sapna gets up and she grabbed a glass of wine after which she lies down on the small bench near the pool side. The guy came out of the pool and he started kissing on her neck once again. Finally he took off her panty. He started giving pleasure to Sapna and she was enjoying a lot. Sapna gets on top of him and she started giving him satisfaction.

All of a sudden Sapna grabbed a knife and she slits his throat. She started smoking afterwards and says that I don’t even leave a single smoke and he was thinking of leaving me.

Sapna comes in her bedroom and she brought tea for her husband Akash (Vishal Mohan Mandawara). He tells her to make a friend as she stays alone the whole day at home. Sapna says I don’t like anyone else other then you. Akash says that tonight I will take you to your favourite restaurant for dinner after which he leaves for work.

Sapna came out of the shower in a robe and the finace of her sister-in-law Karan (Lakshya Handa ) was stalking her from the window. She took off her robe and then she wears her bra and Karan was getting excited seeing her getting dressed.

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At night Sapna was waiting for Akash arrival but he got very late.

Next day Sapna serves food to Janhvi, Akash, and Karan. Akash apologized to Sapna for coming home late last night. Sapna serves Poori to Karan and he was staring at her cleavage. Sapna noticed him staring and she hides her cleavage with saree. Akash asks Sapna, Is she angry with him and she responds not at all because he works hard that’s why they get to enjoy all the luxuries. Karan tells Janhvi (Madhavee Lawre) to learn something from bhabhi. Karan and Janhvi had a romantic argument. Akash tells Sapna that he will take her for a movie and dinner tomorrow. Karan was once again staring at her cleavage. Sapna gets up and she puts her hair aside. She gave a sensual look to Karan as he was staring at her.

Sapna was watering the plants outside and Karan once again started staring at her cleavage. He started taking a picture of her and Sapna noticed that. Karan started doing drama that he was talking to someone on phone. Sapna says I know you were looking at me. She asks Karan, do you like me? Karan says everyone likes you bhabhi because you are very nice. Sapna asks, do you like my figure? Karan says you have a very nice figure and I like you a lot but please don’t mind I’m sorry bhabhi. Sapna started laughing. She tells Karan, don’t be sorry. Karan gets happy.

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