Ullu Web Series Woodpecker Episode 4 Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

Shanaya saw Ajay Singhania working on his laptop at the airport coffee shop and she went to meet him. Ajay says hi looking hot then Shanaya says thanks. Shanaya tells him that we are meeting for the third time. Ajay says oh what a coincidence then she says maybe destiny. Ajay laughs and Shanaya asks him don’t you believe in destiny. Ajay says I believe in it but I believe in changing it and thats why I am sitting here. Shanaya says you think very small. Ajay says what. She says I am surprised that you never thought about this. Ajay says say clearly what you want to say then Shanaya says Woodpecker Airlines.

Shagun went to her boyfriend’s house and he asks her did someone scolded you again then Shagun says today I came just for you and she kissed him. Shagun says were you drinking this early in the morning then her boyfriend tells her that he is not being able to pay the rent then Shagun says don’t worry I will manage it for you. Shagun says you brush your teeth and I will take a shower then he says that lets take a shower together to save water. Shagun says no brush your teeth first.

Nandini was leaving for her job then her father asked her when will you come and Nandini says till even. She asked why then her father says nothing I was just asking and Nandini left for the job.

On the way to her job Nandini called her boyfriends and says that it seems like my father is looking for a boy for me and he’s gonna get me married. One of her boyfriend suggests her to say to the boy that she is having an affair and is not a virgin. Nandini says that in my father eyes I am a sanskari beti and if he finds out that I have two boyfriends then first he will shoot me then both of you. Her boyfriend says next time not in your house. Nandini says that you both are fattu.

Ajay Singhania in his house was thinking about what Shanaya told him in the airport cafe regarding Woodpecker airlines. Flashback shown, Ajay at the airport tells Shanaya that its not that easy to start an airlines then Shanaya says its not that hard. Ajay asks her do you even know how much a boeing aircraft costs then Shanaya says 50 million dollars and bank will give it. Ajay says that they will even take it back and if airlines didn’t run well then Shanaya says it will run fine. Back to present Ajay Singhania calls Shanaya on phone.

Shagun and her boyfriend were in each others arms in the bedroom and he says now we will have fun. He starts kissing her and puts her on bed after which he opened the buttons of her blazer and her shirt. He started kissing her after which Shagun sits on top of him and takes off her blazer and her shirt. Shagun then takes off her boyfriend’s shirt and kisses him all over his chest. Her boyfriend then removes her skirt and they both continued to kiss each other. Shagun then takes off his pants and makes steamy hot love with him on bed. After this Shagun and her boyfriend made love with each other in the bath tub.

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