Maya comes Back, Ranbir Shocked – Kumkum Bhagya 5 August 2020 Episode Written

Prachi reads Maya’s letter in front of everyone and Mrs. Chaubey thinks in her mind that all her fears have finally came true. Ranbir cries that his life is ruined as Maya ran away with her lover Rahul and puts his head on Prachi’s shoulder. Prachi tells Ranbir to stop crying. Beeji says we have chosen your daughter and she showed her true color. She asks what will happen with Ranbir. Pallavi says atleast she would have thought about her family. Shahana whispers to Pallavi that they helped Maya elope. Beeji says what will happen with Ranbir? Pallavi says the kids made her elope. Dushyant tells that he will rectify her mistake and will bring her here from anywhere, then will get Ranbir and Maya married. Ranbir says I will not marry, as she doesn’t love me. If she runs after marriage then where will I search her? He says what will people say about me and cries. Dushyant says if you don’t want to marry then why are you crying? Ranbir says no, I am not crying. Dushyant says if Maya and Ranbir don’t want to marry each other then this marriage is cancelled. Mr. Chaubey tells that Maya has done mistake and apologizes to them. Mrs. Chaubey also apologizes to them. They all leave. Ranbir, Prachi, Shahana and others get happy. Pallavi asks whose idea is this? Shahana says it is of Prachi’s idea. Pallavi hugs Prachi. Ranbir thinks to hug Prachi, just then Maya returns there with Dushyant, Mr. Chaubey and his wife and everyone gets shocked.

Sarita behen tells that her business is getting young with her age. She thinks she will change her business name. She gives the credit to Pragya for her business. Ranbir says you had elope from here and shows the letter. Maya tears the letter. Pallavi asks why did you tear the letter? Maya says she has not written any letter. Prachi says where did you go then? Maya says she had gone to get her chunari, which someone had tear intentionally. Prachi thinks chunari was fine, and what is happening and where is Rahul. Dushyant tells Maya that Ranbir missed her. He blames Prachi for writing the letter. Prachi says she didn’t write the letter. Dushyant says my brother has forgiven you for last time. Shahana says she didn’t write the letter. Prachi says the same. Dushyant threatens Prachi. Ranbir says we don’t talk to girls like this in our house and says if you don’t respect girls then we also don’t respect you. Maya says they are best friends and that’s why he cares for her. She says when he respects his best friend so much, then how much he will respect his wife. Dushyant says my niece is innocent and asks Ranbir to dance with Maya. Ranbir is forced to dance with Maya.

Prachi thinks how did my plan backfired? Shahana asks what will happen now. Maya thinks scratch each other hairs, but you will never know what happened. Ranbir goes behind Prachi. He says we have to go to Rahul’s house and talk to him. Prachi says I have to go home now and will meet you tomorrow. we couldn’t stop sangeet today. She then thanks him for taking stand for her. Ranbir says if I had keep quiet listening to the way, he was talking to you. Prachi asks shall I go? Ranbir says no and then says ok. Pehli baar hua hai plays….Shahana smiles. Aaliya thinks why Ranbir looks at Prachi like this. She gets a call and says I am coming. She thinks if she shall inform Rhea or not. Dimpy wakes up Rhea and asks her to get up. Rhea says no and asks her to switch off light as Dimpy pulls the curtains. Aaliya comes there and calls her. She asks her to come with her. Aaliya says bhai is in hospital. Rhea says what happened to dad? Aaliya asks her to just change her clothes and come. Sarita behen comes to know about Pragya being in the hospital and gets worried.

Prachi and Shahana are in the car. Shahana says don’t worry, just sangeet happened? Prachi says like we had said that only engagement happened, and then said sangeet happened. She says even if marriage happens then we will say it is done, we can’t do anything. She says Ranbir is a good guy. Shahana asks about her feelings for Ranbir. Just then Sarita behen calls her and asks her to reach hospital, as Pragya is admitted there. Prachi gets worried and says ok. Rhea sits in the car and apologizes to Meera for not accepting her calls. Aaliya recalls informing Meera about Abhi and the latter asking her to pick Rhea from Dimpy’s home. Aaliya asks Rhea not to worry. Doctor asks Nurse about their names. Nurse says their names are same on ID cards. Doctor says Pragya is fine, but I am worried about Abhishek Mehra.

Prachi reaches hospital with Sarita behen and Shahana. Rhea reaches there with Meera and Aaliya. Pragya gains consciousness and asks where is he? Nurse asks your husband? She says he is there. Pragya looks at him and asks if he is fine. Nurse says he is fine, just as your hand touched him, he had opened his eyes. She asks her not to move from the bed and goes. Pragya goes to Abhi’s bed and says even today you care for me so much. She tells that she has a diary whom she tells everything thinking her as Kiara. She says Kiara is with us. She says we have to understand each other. Rhea enters the room with Meera and Aaliya and gets shocked.

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