Wonder Woman 1984 2nd Trailer Watch Feat Cheetah – DC FanDome 2020 WW 1984

The 2nd trailer of Wonder Woman is out now and this new one is focused more on the female villain of the film ‘Cheetah’ played by Kristen Wiig as she joins hands with Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) taking on Diana Prince alias Wonder Woman. There is a very funnny scene in the trailer in which Steve Trevor sitting in a plane alongside Diana tells her that the way I fly they will never find us then then Diana says I forget to tell you, Trevor asks What, Diana says Radar then Trevor says out of fear, Will they shoot at us.

At DC FanDome 2020 event director Patty Jenkins along with Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal and Gal Galdot joined the panel and they answered a few fan questions after which former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter joined them for a chat. In the end of the panel discussion director Patty Jenkins revealed the 2nd Trailer of Wonder Woman 1984

Director Patty Jenkins says that we have worked so hard on this film and we want to put it on the big screen.

Answering to a fan question named Kiara from Japan, Gal Gadot says that we had such a great time working together on the sets and we had good chemistry.

Tennis superstar Venus Williams asked question to Gal Gadot and Kristen Wiig ‘if both Wonder Woman and Cheetah had a tennis match then who would win’. Kristen answered Cheetah.

Former Wonder Woman actress, Lynda Carter makes a special guest appearance and the whole panel got excited seeing her. Lynda says when her daughter saw Gal as Wonder Woman for the first time her daughter says to her that mom now I get it why the world idolizes you as Wonder Woman and she thanked Gal Gadot for it. Gal thanked Lynda for the guidance and called her Mama Bear saying now as you are here we are complete.

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