Ullu Web Series Woodpecker Episode 5 Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

Nandini’s father was waiting for her at home and she came back from job. He tells her to get ready then she says let me take a shower first. Her father says there is no need for this as there is a guy coming to see you and hearing this she gets sad. Nandini says that I don’t want to marry right now as I want to make my identity and do something on my own. Nandini says why should I marry if I don’t want to then her mother says because we’re saying and Nandini went inside. Her mother tells her father that why don’t you get strict with her and then the guy and her family came to see Nandini. Her father sits with them having a chat while her mother prepares the food. Nandani came wearing a sexy short dress and says hi guys I am Nans but my dad calls me Nandini with love but look at me do I look Nandini from any angle. The parents of the guy says lets leave but the guy says I want 5 mins with her. He tells Nandini’s father that I want to talk to her for 5 mins and her father says alone or in front of us then he says as you wish as its your house. Her father and mother left then he tells Nandini that nice costume but if you wanted me to reject you then you should have told me. Nandini says that every week my father brings a new character but you look sensable. He introduced himself as Abhay and says that I will tell my parents that I like you but later I will say that it didn’t worked out hearing this Nandini says good idea and thank you. He says no problem.

Shanaya and Ajay Singhania were discussing the Woodpecker airlines project and she says that everything will be sorted but we need to take care of the politicians. Ajay says thats the problem, Malhar Soni (Aviation Minister) I don’t like him and his party is in power. Shanaya says no problem there is a power cut of the power then Ajay asks her do you have something in mind and she says yes.

Shanaya meets the guy on the road whom she met in the swimming pool in the first episode. She asks her what are you doing here then he says that my wife went to the temple and I am waiting for her here. Shanaya asks what are you doing tonight then he says that I will tell you after asking Pooja my wife. Shanaya says leave it anyways I have bought a new lingerie of your favorite color but sadly now I have to give it back and she says bye to him.

Rini was romancing the much older guy then her on bed sitting on top of him and he left her unsatisfied again. he looked at her and Rini says its okay chill, it happens. He says I got something for you and gifts her a expensive gold bracelet. Rini says its beautiful and sits on top of him again and kisses him all over his chest and belly.

Next morning Pakya gives money to Shagun and he says won’t you invite me for food or drink. Shagun says yeah and I will tell Yash that he is Pakya and he is my partner in crime. Yash was watching them from upstairs. Shagun leaves and Pakya stares at her butt and Yash gets mad seeing this. Shagun prepares tea for him and Yash asks her who was that guy and what is in the envelope. Shagun says it had money as I steal things and Pakya helps me in selling them. Yash asks but why then Shagun says because its the easiest way to make money as for my parents I am a ATM Machine and for you as well now. Yash leaves from there in anger and Shagun went behind him.

Shanaya went to Ajay Singhania’s office and she gives him a pendrive. Ajay asks whats this then Shanaya says your licence. Ajay puts the pendrive in his laptop and plays the video. It was the same guy who meet Shanaya in the swimming pool and on the road and he was making love to her on bed recorded on camera. Ajay says poor kid and then says good job baby to Shanaya and says well done to her. Shanaya leaves from there.

Malhar Soni sees the video on the laptop and he slapped his son saying that I never thought that your lust will become hell for me one day. Ajay Singhania calls Malhar on phone and asks did you get the courier then Malhar says I never thought that you will go so low. Ajay says not like you and says I need licence for my airlines then Malhar says but whats the guarantee that you will not publish this video in media. Ajay says I do business with honesty and this video has only two copies, one with you and one with me just in case.

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