Sherlyn tells Mahira about her Boyfriend – Kundali Bhagya 20 July 2020 Episode Written

Srishti says I feel the same that Prithvi is behind kidnapping then Preeta says are you out of your mind. Sherlyn was hearing the whole conversation from inside the washrrom. Preeta says that Karan got angry when the masked kidnapper called me intelligent and then he started blaming Prithvi. Srishti, Sammy and Preeta left the room. Sherlyn says that its the right time to leave the room but lets wait a bit first maybe they will come back. Mahira asks the guy where is Sherlyn then the person says there is no Sherlyn here. Srishti came and tells the guy to stop fighting with your wife. He says she’s not my wife and Srishti left. The person tells Mahira thats its not room 1110 but its 1011 and Mahira left.

Prithvi was taking Rishabh outside the hotel on a wheelchair by covering his face with a cloth but the cloth got stuck in the wheel of chair and it stopped. Prithvi tries to remove it but Preeta, Sammy and Srishti came there and Prithvi hides. Preeta calls Prithvi but he did not picked then Preeta says maybe he is busy and she left. Prithvi gave a flying kiss to Preeta and says how much blind trust you have on me and I love this quality of yours. The hotel manager came and tells Prithvi that his shift is over and he’s leaving. Prithvi says how so much wrong can happen to me.

Sherlyn leaves the washroom and Mahira enters the room. Mahira asks Sherlyn what is happening here tell me the truth. Sherlyn tells Mahira that her boyfriend is behind Rishabh’s kidnapping hearing this Mahira gets shocked. Sherlyn says that Karan is in that room go save him and get in his good books and I am leaving to save my love. Mahira release Karan who was tied to a chair and Rana came there. Karan saves Mahira from Rana and then he ran behind him.

Prithvi calls Rana and Karan was chasing Rana. Rana’s phone dropped and Karan picked it but Rana snatches it from Karan. A hotel worker came and tells Karan that his mom is here and finding him and Karan went to see his mom. Rana calls Prithvi and Prithvi starts scolding him. Rana tells Prithvi that Karan escaped and then Prithvi says keep a close watch at Luthra’s and Arora’s and I will leave with Rishabh from hotel soon. Karan saw Preeta and he started an argument with her. Mahira came there and Karan says that behind that masked is her daaadi wala bakra Prithvi ji.

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