Ullu Web Series Palang Tod ( Anniversary Gift ) Part 2 Written Update with Aayush & Ishika Hot Scenes Info

Aayush started calling and texting Ishika but she was neither answering his calls nor his messages. He gets her address from her registration form and went to her building. Aayush asked watchman that does Ishika stays here and he says yes. Aayush tells him that he is waiting outside. Aayush started to come and wait outside her building everyday but she was not coming out. One night Aayush decides to enter her building and watchman gave him permission.

Ishika meets Aayush and tells him to leave from there. Her husband came outside and tells her to come in to cut the cake. Aayush asked who is he and she says he is her husband and she tells him that she will meet him at the hotel now leave. Ishika went back in to cut the cake

Next day Aayush went to hotel to meet Ishika and he tells her that he was missing her and he loves her. They started kissing each other and made love with each other on bed. The following day Ishika sends a video to Aayush of both of them making love. Aayush calls her and Ishika tells him to come to the hotel where they met last time and she will tell him everything.

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Aayush went to the hotel and he asked Ishika about the video. She blackmails him by telling him that he has to do what she says or she will make the video viral. She tells him that she will send him the numbers of some clients and he has to make them happy just like she made her happy. Ishika texted him the numbers and addresses.

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