Ullu Web Series Palang Tod ( Anniversary Gift ) Part 1 Written Update with Aayush & Ishika Hot Scenes Details

Aayush (fitness trainer) was teaching all the students at gym and Ishika arrives there. She tells him that she wants to join Zumba classes. Aayush took her to the other room and he says that we do three Zumba classes but Ishika cuts him off and tells him that she wants to take private classes and money is not a problem. Aayush tells her that he will be able to give her time only after noon. Ishika says no problem and Aayush gave him registration form. Aayush asks her that you look very fit then why you want to join Zumba classes and Ishika says its my desire. Ishika leaves from there.

Next day in the noon Aayush was waiting for Ishika and she came 5 mind before time. Aayush says you can before time and Ishika asks any problem. Aayush says I am very punctual and Ishika says its a good habit because time passes. Aayush asks Ishika do you know what is Zumba and Ishika says no my friend recommended me to do it. Aayush says that its a dance therapy to stay fit but first we will do stretching. Both of them started doing stretching. Ishika got very tired and she drinks water. She tells Aayush that she got very tired and we will do it tomorrow. Aayush said take care of you diet and then she left.

The very next day Aayush was teaching dance to Ishika but se was very bad at it and she tells him to teach him by touching her. They both came close while Aayush was teacher her after which they bot ate Pizza’s and laughed together.

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Next day at the gym Ishika tried to lift dumbbell by Aayush stopped her and she said its too heavy and dance is good for me. He tells her lets go and practice dancing but when he grabbed her hand she accidently came in his arms. Ishika kissed Aayush on his cheek and then he continues teaching her Zumba while staring at her body.

Aayush was seeing social media page of Ishika and he says she has put on very hot pictures and she might no have any boyfriend. He thinks of dating her and says that she has already gotten impressed.

Aayush was teaching zumba to Ishika again but this time around he started kissing on her neck, cheek and her arms. Finally he kissed on her lips and then Ishika returned the favour. Ishika was about to leave but Aayush grabbed her from behind and they both started kissing each other. They went into the changing room of the gym and started making love to each other there. Ishika stopped mid way and she tells him that this is not the right place. She leaves telling him that it will happen at the right place.

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