Netflix Zombieverse (2023) Show All Episodes with Quests Written Details, Survivors & Infected Names and More Info

South Korean web series titled Zombieverse has been released on Netflix OTT Platform on 8 August 2023 and it features many popular Korean celebrities like Park Na-Rae, Lee Si-young, Noh Hong-chul, DinDin, and Tsuki. The show is quite different from other Zombie based series like The Walking Dead and Resident Evil, as it includes a quest based twist to it and fans will witness a lot of betrayals along with funny moments throughout this series.

In this article we have shared the complete details of all 8 episodes of Zombieverse along with the names of each survivors and infected character throughout the show. If you want the complete in-depth details related to the show then read the full article further.

Netflix ZombieVerse (2023) All 5 Main Celebrity Characters Names with Profession Info :

  1. Lee Si-young – She is a South Korean actress and a former amateur boxer.
  2. Park Na-rae – She is a South Korean comedian.
  3. DinDin – He is a is a South Korean rapper, producer, television personality and radio personality.
  4. Noh Hong-chul – He is a South Korean entertainer and entrepreneur. He is also the co-host of the variety show Talents for Sale.
  5. Tsuki – She is Japanese singer, lyricist, dancer, model and also a member of the girl group Billlie.

Netflix ZombieVerse (2023) All 5 Main Non-Celebrity Characters Names with Profession Info :

  1. Dex – He is a former UDT Soldier.
  2. Kkwachu Hyung- He is a Urologist
  3. Yoo Hee-Kwan – He is a former Baseball Player
  4. Jonathan Thona Yiombi – He is a YouTuber
  5. Patricia Thona Yiombi – Used to be a part of her brother Jonathan’s YouTube videos

Netflix Zombieverse (2023) All 8 Episodes Written Updates with Quests Info :

Episode 1 – Refill the Gas in the Car and Escape the Gas Station:

Zombie Outbreak starts in Seoul and all main celebrity survivors tried to escape in a car, but unfortunately the car ran out of gas and now in they have to refill the gas in the car at a gas station which is filled with Zobies and that too without alerting them.

Episode 2 – Collect Food and Water Supples in the Supermarket:

The 5 main celebrity survivors reached a Supermarket store and there they first met few commoner survivors. Both the side joined forces and then they started collecting food and water supplies from the store, without alerting the zombies inside.

Episode 3 – Escape the Car Park of Supermarket in a vehicle:

After collecting food and water supplies, the survivors managed to somehow exit the Supermarket store and they entered the car parking zone, but to their surprise it was filled with Zombies. The survivors have to find a working vehicle by using all the spare keys and then they needc to escape car parking from that vehicle by making a safe route.

Episode 4 – Find a safe place to spend the night:

After successfully escaping the Supermarket parking lot, remaining 9 survivors started finding a safe place to spend the night. They came near a town and at the night town chief allowed them to sleep and even served them a lot of food. But things weren’t as simple as they appeared.

Episode 5 – Save Tsuki and Escape the Suspicious Town:

Noh Hong-chul and Patricia managed to escape from Town Chief Zombie mother, but Tsuki gets caught by the chief and he locked her in a cage surrounded by infected zombies. Other survivors have to save Tsuki and then escape the town by avoiding town chief and his goons.

Episode 6 – Learn zombie combat training from reporter Kim Sal-man:

Survivors got rescued by a undercover reporter named Kim Sal-man and then he started giving them training to combat the zombies with weapons as well as bare hands. Kim also gave them food whicxh includes Raymon, Potatoes, and Insects.

Episode 7 – Save the innocent survivors in the Theme Park:

Remaining 8 survivors came to the theme park as reporter Kim told them about a special escape boat. There were other survivors in the theme park and then all the main survivor characters started saving them by using the combat tactics taught to them by reporter Kim.

Episode 8 – The Final Game: Blind Roulette A Clouded Choice:

In the final episode, all 6 non infected survivors entered the different cabins of Ferris Well and both Kkwachu Hyung and Park Na-Rae were in the operating cabin. Na-Rae wanted to take revenge from Hong-chul by bitring him after turning full zombie, but she lost her vision due to the growing infection. Na-Rae has figure out where Hong-chul is hiding and avoid harming the innocent.

Netflix Zombieverse (2023) All Non-Survivors (Infected and Dead) List:

  1. Yoo Hee-Kwan – He got bitten by Zombies in episode 2 and died
  2. Kkwachu Hyung – He got infected by Zombies in episode 3 and died in episode 8
  3. Park Na-rae – She got infected by Zombies in episode 3 and died in episode 8
  4. Jonathan Thona Yiombi – He got infected in episode 5 and died in episode 6
  5. Noh Hong-chul – He got bitten by Park Na-rae (Zombie) in episode 8 and died

Netflix Zombieverse (2023) All Survivors (Escaped and Still Alive) List:

  1. Lee Si-young – She escaped in a special floating bus at the end of episode 8
  2. Dex – He escaped in a special floating bus at the end of episode 8
  3. Patricia Thona Yiombi – She escaped in a special floating bus at the end of episode 8
  4. DinDin – He escaped in a boat at the end of episode 8
  5. Tsuki – She escaped in a boat at the end of episode 8

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