Ullu Web Series Palang Tod ( Anniversary Gift ) Part 3 Written Update with Shuman & Karishma Hot Scenes Details

Aayush (Shuman Das) went to an address and he rings the bell. A woman (Vanita Uppal) opened the door and he tells her that Ishika (Revathi Acharyya) sent him. She tells her to come in and then she offered her wine. She romanced Aayush and then gave her money as well as bonus. The lady told him that she enjoyed a lot and requested him to come again next week.

Aayush says what kind of mess I got myself into and Ishika called him. She tells him to send her the 60% commission. He asked her why are you doing this to me. Ishika says you are getting what you wanted and on top of that you are getting paid for it. She sends him another address and tells him to reach there on time.

Aayush reached another address and he romanced another woman (Ritu Pandey) there and at the same time Ishika’s husband was making love to her on bed but he failed to satisfy her.

Ishika sends another address to Aayush. Aayush reached that address and a hot lady (Karishma Maurya) was there. She tied Aayush to the bed and blindfolded him after which she hits him with a whip and made love with him. That lady told Aayush that she had a great time and will soon meet him again.

Ishika was making love to her husband but he did not seemed interested in her.

Aayush came to Ishika’s party masked and he told her that he doesn’t want to do this work. She requested him to do one last job after which he will be free. Aayush asked what I need to do. Ishika takes Aayush to her husband’s room and she closed the door.

Later on Ishika was making love to someone in the car and his husband thanked her for the anniversary gift by calling her on the phone.

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