Jamai 2.0 Season 2 Episode 1 (An Unexpected Death) Written Updates – Cheeram gets Killed

Roshni pushes Siddharth in the bathtub and she starts kissing him. Both of them had a lovey dovey banter about their livein relationship after which Roshni throws Sid on bed and questions him about where he was 5 nights ago. Sid makes some excuse that he was in kitchen. Roshni handcuffs him with the bed and sleeps with Sid. Sid receives a message but he was unable to pick it.

Next morning DD was having breakfast on the dining table. Roshni came and DD asks her that its quite unusual that you were not fighting with Siddharth today. Rosshni says that they are cute banters. DD says that its just the beginning which will eventually lead to breakup. Roshni asks her that it seems like you have quite an experience about men. DD says yes all men are alike. Roshni says that stop degrading dad and she leaves the table. Sid talks to Pritam on phone and Pritam sends him some recent pictures of Ajit Patel. Sid asks him where is Cheeram Anna, Pritam says that he has found something explosive. Sid says that it appears he will make a big dhamaka soon.

Two guys were tied to a railing and some goons were playing cards. Cheeram came and saved the dudes. One of the guy says that he will always be his loyal dog and Cheeram says don’t abuse dogs. Sid was talk to Pritam about their upcoming plan on phone and he sees Roshni standing in front of him Sid makes excuse that he was talking about some insurance plan. Roshni and Sid had a banter about negative energy and Roshni leaves says that today is very important for her, Sid asks what is happening today.

Cheeram interrogates both the DD goons he had saved earlier and he asks them about the information about DD crimes otherwise he will kill them. DD points a gun at his goon and he tells him that Cheeram has saved both the men and he gave DD the queen card seeing which DD gets shocked.

Sid gets romantic with Roshni and he tells him that she is different from every other women. Sid asks her whats the special occasion that she is making cake. Sid says its not my birthday or yours, neither marriage anniversary nor farewell as it will happen only after my death. Roshni gets emotional and Sid gets shocked.

Cheeram puts ice on DD mens lap and he calls DD. Cheeram makes a deal with DD that he will send both her men back home safely for 10 crore. DD accepts the offer. Roshni tells Sid about her secret that she had an elder bother ‘Ajit Patel’ who died due to a car accident and he was charged with murder. Roshni cries getting emotional.

DD goons gave Ceeiram a number of some Thalapatthy boss from Dubai, Cheeram called him but e got an Arabic caller tune. DD goons says that he will call back. Roshni celebrates Ajit’s birthday with DD and Sid. Sid cuts his hand with the knife. Sid receives a call from Cheeram and leaves. Roshni calls shocked seeing blood on knife. DD gons saves that Cheeram has got trapped and only a missed call is needed to trace location. Cheeram gets shot Sid reaches the crime scene and Roshni gets shocked seeing him there.

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