Anupama: Namaste America Episode 6 Written Updates – Ritika tells Vanraj to stop drama and leave Anupama

Everyone asks Vanraj about what did boss said and he wonders that he can’t even lie because the truth will eventually come out. Vanraj tells Anupama that she got selected to go to America. Anupama and everyone started celebrating. Ritika tells Vanraj that its good that Anupama is going to America because we will get time to come close to each other. Vanraj thinks that neither I want Anupama to go away from me and nor I want Ritika to come close to me. Ritika congratulates Anupama and she tells her that you should definitely go to America because its all destiny.

Ritika says I am leaving and she tells Vanraj to drop her to hotel because she came to India after a long time and its night so she is scared. Moti Baa tells her to chant Hanuman Chalisa along the way. Anupama tells Vanraj to drop her. Ritika was on bike with Vanraj and Anupama came. Anupama tells Ritika that you forgot your bag and Ritika says thank you.

Anupama comes in her room and she wears Vanraj’s shirt & glasses. She grabbed a teddy bear and started acting like him. Anupama mimicking Vanraj says Anu you got selected but before going make a lot of theplas for me and don’t forget to make phone call everyday to Samar & Toshu also me.

Anupama thinks of a shayri – Saat Samundar Paar Chali Mei, Lekar Teri Yaad Piya. Mere Liye Sabse Pehle Tu, Mei Bhi Tere Paas Piya. Ho Raat Andheri Jo Meri Toh, Tere Naam Ka Diya Jale. Yaad Chale Yu Sang Mere, Jo Sang Mere Khud Piya Chale. Teri Yaad Mei Jal Jal Ke, Ho Jaye Barbad Jiya. Saat Samundar Paar Chali Mei, Lekar Teri Yaad Piya. Mere Liye Sabse Pehle Tu, Mei Bhi Tere Paas Piya.

Anupama takes out her suitcase and she puts her family photograph in it along with her ghungroo. She grabbed teddy bear again.

Anupama thinks of a shayri again – Mei Bhi Kuch Kar Sakti Hoon, Tumne Mujhko Vishwas Diya. Pehle Udne Ko Pankh Diye, Phir Udne Ko Akaash Diya. Laaj Badi Aati Hai Tumse, Kehte Mann Ki Baat Piya. Saat Samundar Paar Chali Mei, Lekar Teri Yaad Piya. Mere Liye Sabse Pehle Tu, Mei Bhi Tere Paas Piya.

Vanraj and Ritika were riding on the bike. Ritika puts her one hand on his shoulder and other on his chest. She kissed on his shoulder and Vanraj says stop it Ritika. Ritika says there was a mole and she uncovered his neck and mole was present there. Ritika gently started rubbing her hand on his mole to seduce him and Vanraj says stop. Vanraj reached the hotel and she tells Ritika to lets go.

Moti Baa comes in Anupama’s room and she gets surprised seeing Anupama in Vanraj’s shirt. Anupama started feeling shy and Moti Baa says I am your friend so don’t feel shy. Anupama says I am worried because I have to stay away from my family for one week and Moti Baa says save your tears as cry only when you were leaving not now. Moti Baa warns Anupama about Ritika. Anupama says they are just best friends. Moti Baa says don’t have blind faith. Anupama says even if I had male friends then they would have arrived here. Moti Baa says then Leela would have made their Kachumar. Moti Baa asks Anupama, did you had any male friends? Anupama says no but Devika used to tell me about a guy named Anuj. Moti Baa tells Anupama that Vanraj has gold medal so he won’t go behind bronze. Anupama says if they did anything wrong then I am sure you will make their Kachumar. Moti Baa says yes Anuri your Moti Baa is very dangerous.

Vanraj says why don’t you understand, the thing that has ended why do you want to start it again. Ritika says because its incomplete. Vanraj says its over. Ritika gets close to Vanraj and says do you think that you will say its over and I will agree to it, I know the moment I messaged you, you only think about me every single second. Vanraj says have you seen I got married. Ritika says yes I saw your marriage, your wife, and the drama, the drama which you did to make me feel jealous. Ritika tells Vanraj your wife is very good, she is sweet, she is nice but she is not me, no matter how much you refuse but still your heart knows that you still only love me and you & Anupama are not happy with each other. Vanraj asks who told you I’m not happy? Ritika responds if you were happy then you wouldn’t have done the drama. Ritika says Vanraj, we fit perfectly, we fit together Vanraj, can’t you see? We fit together.

Flashback started – Vanraj tells Ritika please don’t leave me and Ritika says please don’t create anymore drama, I love you but I love my life too. – Flashback ended.

Vanraj tells Ritika no we don’t. He further tells her that you can’t take every decision of life alone Ritika as it was your decision to go away from me but now its my decision to stay away from you. He tells her to come I will drop you to hotel.

At Shah house Moti Baa, Dolly, Hasmukh Bapuji, and Toshu were doing packing for Anupama’s America tour. Leela asks Moti Baa, why are you giving her my sarees? Moti Baa says because she is going to a foreign country and people there judge other people by the clothes. Dolly tells Anupama to take camera with her and she asks her, do you know how to operate it? Anupama says yes I know. Moti Baa gave her shawl to Anupama and seeing this Leela got jealous.

Vanraj came back home and Leela confronts him outside. She tells Vanraj to try to stop Anupama from going to America by giving her a lot of happiness in the coming days so that she will feel guilty while even thinking of leaving you to go to America. Leela further says that if a women gets successful then surely more money comes home but everything else gets messed up so make sure Anupama doesn’t get successful. Vanraj thinks about Ritika’s proposal and also the advice given to him by Leela.

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