Ullu Web Series Honey Trap (Part 1) Episode 1 Written Updates with Shraddha (Neha Gupta) Hot Scenes Info

The episode started with Shraddha (Neha Gupta) coming to a clothes shop and she hugged the owner from behind. The owners takes off her all clothes and she takes off his garments after which they both started making out in the shop. Shraddha got completely satisfied by the shop owner.

Vinita (Hiral Radadiya) was at the clothes shop to purchase fancy lingerie and she told shop owner to tell the price of 3 pieces of lingerie. Shop owner whispers that it won’t look good on you and then he tells her to give Rs 1500 for 3 pieces. Vinita asked for some discount and he said ok give me Rs 1400 after which she bought them.

Shraddha was also present at the clothes shop and she purchased 3 pieces of fancy lingerie for only Rs 700 and seeing this, Vinita got angry. Vinita tells shop owner that she also wants them in Rs 700 after which shop owner refunded her Rs 700 back.

Shraddha came back home and she told her husband Nitin (Imran Amir Shaikh) that today she went for shopping and she purchased Rs 1500 lingerie only for Rs 700 because the shop owner was looking at her and he got impressed by her beauty. Nitin says that you’re the best wife in the world and Shraddha says that even you’re the world’s best husband and I don’t want anyone to get a husband like you.

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Shraddha and Nitin started having romance in the bedroom. She took off his shirt and Nitin removed her saree & blouse. Nitin puts Shraddha on bed and he started kissing on her entire body. Shraddha gets on top of him and Nitin removed her petticoat. Nitin finally opened her bra’s hook and then he satisfies her.

Vinita got dressed wearing a hot nighty with lingerie for her husband. Her husband Saurav (Ankush Kalyan) returns home and she tries to seduce him but instead of getting seduced, he scolds her for wearing such clothes. Saurav tells Vinita that he did her a favour by marrying her and then he tells her to make tea for him.

Vinita came in the balcony and she started crying. She says, its not my mistake that God has made me like this. Vinita sees Shraddha and Nitin making out in their bedroom from Balcony’s window and she says, I don’t known when will I get Charmsukh like this.

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