MTV Splitsvilla 14 EP 2 Written Updates, Akashlina vs Kashish fight, Mela Dilon Ka couple task timings & results, and More

All the girls got ready for their very first Island fling at the Isle of Venus. They were dancing together and getting desperate for the arrival of boys. Joshua Chhabra, Justin D’Cruz, Dhruvin Busa, and Sohail D finally reached the island. Dhruvin Busa started doing beat boxing to impress the girls and Pema Leilani liked it a lot. Justin D’Cruz gave a dance performance and all the girls got attracted to him seeing his amazing dance moves.

Joshua Chhabra introduced himself to the girls and he said, “I’m a dominating guy.” Mood of all the girls got spoiled hearing his introduction. Sohail D started flaunting his body and muscles in front of the girls.

Kashish Ratnani and Joshua had a one on one interaction after which he gave her a rose. Sakshi Shrivas had a chat session with Justin and he said that he is not into hook-ups and she liked his vibe a lot.

Saumya Bhandari started talking to Sohail and her heart melted after seeing the honesty in his eyes.

Akashlina Chandra told Soundous Moufakir that she is interested in Joshua because he is a half Bengali guy. Akashlina told Joshua that she is interested in him and she wants to win the show but she doesn’t like to get controlled.

Saumya told Joshua that she liked him the most out of all the four guys after which he hugged her and kissed her cheek.

Dhruvin started annoying all the girls by constantly talking and Oviya Darnal & Aradhana Verma got very irritated.

Joshua was trying to flirt with all the girls. Kashish got sad seeing him getting close with Akashlina while dancing.

A mysterious scroll came and it reads, “Hello Splitvillians! Hope you all are enjoying the first island fling, I’m sending two roses for each boy to give to the girls you are interested in making a connection with. Jis bhi ladki ko rose milega, unko milega ek chance to go on a date with that boy.”

The boys started giving roses to the girls and these are the names of the girls who received rose from the boys :

  • Dhruvin Busa gives rose to Pema Leilani and Soundous Moufakir
  • Sohail D gives rose to Saumya Bhandari and Aradhana Verma
  • Joshua Chhabra gives rose to Kashish Ratnani and Akashlina Chandra
  • Justin D’Cruz gives rose to Sakshi Shrivas and Aradhana Verma

After giving the roses, all the four boys went on a date with the two girls they gave roses to.

Aradhana went on a date with Juustin D’Cruz instead of Sohail D.

Justin D’Cruz told Aradhana that his first priority would be Sakshi Shrivas because he talked with her a lot more. Aradhana went back to Sohail but he told her that he has already talked with Saumya a lot and his vibe is now matching with her after which Aradhana left from there.

Dhruviin started asking spicy adult questions to Pema and Soundous :

Dhruvin asked, What is the craziest place you’re gonna make love in?

Soudous said in the jungle and Pema said in the Airplane and be a part of the mile high club.

Justin had a romantic dance with Sakshi after which he lifts her in his arms.

Akashlina told Joshua that if you want to win this show then you should not pair up with a submissive girl otherwise you can go with Kashish. She also told Kashish that Joshua was kissing girls hands and cheeks during the party. Kashish told Akashlina that this is not your father’s show and then Akashlina started screaming on her after which she left the date. Joshua went behind her to convince her and during that he touched her face after which Akashlina started shouting on him to not to touch her face. Joshua came back to Kashish and she told him that Akashlina abused him. Joshua went back to Akashlina to confront her and she said that she abused Kashish. Joshua gave 3 roses to Kashish and then they both kissed on each others cheeks.

Akashlina went to Pema and Soundous after which all three girls started bitching about Kashish and how she is setting a bad example for all other girls by pairing up with Joshua. Joshua lifts Kashish in his arms and he took her to her room.

Kashish came to the room and all the girls started telling her that Joshua tried to flirt with all of them during the party but Kashish was still defending him as she was thinking that they are all jealous.

Akashlina entered the room and she started abusing Kashish again for going on her father. All the girls were still trying to explain Kashish that Joshua is not the right guy for her but she did not listened. Akashlina took all her belongings from the room and she left the room.

All four boys came back to the Isle of Mars villa and all the remaining boys in the villa got jealous of them. Hamid Barkzi told Amir Hossein that it will be fun when their connections will break.

Next morning all the girls received a scroll and it reads, “Get ready for your first couple challenge.”

Girls arrived at the couple challenge location and Sunny & Arjun were present there. All four boys came. All the girls started complaining that they did not liked the behaviour of Joshua with them at the party last night. Dhruvin and Joshua had a heated argument after which Joshua even pushed Druvin.

Arjun tells Joshua that for a girl, consent is important so be careful after which he apologized to all the girls. Soundous in the background says that she doesn’t trust this guy.

Arjun tells all of the boys that they have to pick their partner for the couple challenge and the teams were as follows :

  • Joshua Chhabra and Kashish Ratnani
  • Sohail D and Saumya Bhandari
  • Justin D’Cruz and Sakshi Shrivas
  • Dhruvin Busa and Pema Leilani

Sunny told all the pairs that to make connection strong, its important for the vibe to match. Arjun said that all of you are going to go on a fair named Mela Dilon Ka.

Mela Dilon Ka Task Details – There are four stalls and each of them have different things. There were various hurdles and pairs have to collect sandbags The twist in the task is that all the pairs will do this task while being attached with their partners. Single girls will be used as props in the task.

  • Stall 1 – Vajan Ka Tashan – A girl was on Vajan Ka Tashan Stall – She was sitting on one end and on the other end a weight was placed. The pairs have to make the weight fall by swinging the punching bag as a result of which the girl sitting on other end will fall in pool :
  • Stall 2 – Shoot 3 Targets :
  • Stall 3 – Electric PR – Contestants have to pass objects through 2 poles and put them in a basket
  • Stall 4 – Hit the Girls with Hammer – Girls will come out of water and contestants have to hit them with hammer

Mela Dilon Ka Task Final Results with Total Sandbags and Timings :

  • Justin D’Cruz and Sakshi Shrivas collected 14 sandbags in 4 minutes and 6 seconds
  • Sohail D and Saumya Bhandari collected 14 Sandbags in 4 minutes and 18 seconds
  • Joshua Chhabra and Kashish Ratnani collected 14 Sandbags in 5 minutes and 19 seconds
  • Dhruvin Busa and Pema Leilani collected only 12 Sandbags

Justin D’Cruz and Sakshi Shrivas wins Mela Dilon Ka Couple Task

Arjun Bijlani revealed that all the pairs who have lost the task are unsafe and also the boys on the Isle of Mars who have lost the Impress Me If You Can task are also unsafe.

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