ALTT Web Series Honey Trap Squad Season 1 EP 5 (The Weapon) Full Written Updates with Ruma Sharma Hot Scenes Details

PM gets very happy with the Hamid’s downfall and RAW chief tells him that we need to eliminate Hamid. PM tells them that there needs to be another solution. Mitra says that we need to do it because Hamid will revive his network again in 8-9 months. RAW Chief tells PM that we won’t make it look like a killing and PM agrees to assassinate Hamid.

Vicky tells Bebo about Hamid’s 58th birthday celebrations next week and then Honey briefs the HTS girls about it. Girls thinks about making a plan to eliminate Hamid by entering the party. Hamid tells Murtaza that he will himself deliver the consignment this time around. Hamid eats a blood pressure control pill.

Riya creates a chemical formula and informs Janhavi about it. She tells her that Hamid has high blood pressure problem and this formula will give him a heart attack. Riya informs Honey that weapon is ready and he tells her that you will not go to the ground zero for next mission because you are not fit to travel. Honey tells Joana that Bebo will meet her in Dubai and she needs to pack her bags.

Joana meets Bebo in Dubai and she tells Bebo about Junaid. Joana makes Bebo wears a saree and she tells her to trap Junaid. Bebo starts posing as a fake Instagram model and she tells Junaid to make a reel for her. Junaid records the reel and then Bebo takes his phone number after getting impressed by him.

Junaid starts chatting with Bebo at night and he ends up inviting her to a club. Both Bebo and Junaid starts partying with each other, after which they got very close. During a boat ride, Bebo tells Junaid that she is leaving tomorrow and she wants to meet him one last time. Junaid invites Bebo to Hamid’s birthday party.

Joana enters the birthday party as a waiter and Bebo brings in the chemical formula. By making the drama of going to washroom, Joana and Bebo exchanged the chemical. Joana mixed the chemical in Hamid’s drink and he died after drinking it. Riya tells Bebo and Joana, good job my girls and I am very proud of you. An unknown person calls Riya and he laughs after calling her sweetheart.

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