Ullu Web Series Charmsukh ( Saree Ki Dukaan ) Episode 2 Written Update with Sonia Singh Rajput Hot Scenes Info

Golu arrived at the shop early in the morning and he tells Bandhu that he will handle the whole shop from now on. Manohar arrived at the shop and he gets happy seeing Golu there. Manohar hugged Golu and Golu tells him that yesterday night grandfather came in his dream and he told me about what Manohar has done for his son after which I decided that I will handle this shop from now on. Manohar says but my father passed away when you were a kid so how come he came in your dream.

A customer arrived at the shop and Golu tells Bandhu to give him a saree for madam ji which is worn by big heroines. Bandhu gave him a yellow saree. Golu took the woman with him to try out the saree. Manohar says my son is talented and he will handle the shop well. Golu helped the lady in wearing the saree and he was thinking about his dream with Renu bhabhi while helping her. Golu says you are looking like Alia Bhatt now madam and the woman tells him to pack it. Manohar gets happy seeing Golu selling saree.

Golu helped one more customer in wearing the saree and he was yet again thinking about his bedroom dream with Renu bhabhi while helping that lady.

At night Manohar tells Sunita that I am seeing Golu’s performance from past one week and I am now assured that he will take care of the business well. Golu says don’t worry I will handle everything business as well as bhabhiya. Manohar asks what? Golu says I mean keys. Sunita asks Dolly what’s the matter? Why is he taking so much interest in business all of a sudden? Dolly says it seems like he is in love with Simi who stays near the shop. Sunita says Simi is only 8 years old.

Manohar tells about his plans of expanding the saree business to online and he says that I have to go to Delhi for that. Golu thinks that it means I can easily flirt with the ladies at shop. He tells Manohar to go to Delhi and he will handle everything. Manohar advices Golu to always see every customer as your mother or sister and also no matter what you have to sell the saree. Golu says ok papa you go to Delhi without any tension.

At night Dolly was gently pleasuring herself with a rose on her bed and she was thinking about kissing & romancing Sachin.

Next morning Golu was at the shop and he tells Bandhu that no item has arrived at the shop since morning but these flies are annoying me a lot. Golu was killing the flies with a newspaper and Renu bhabhi arrived at the show. She grabbed newspaper from Golu’s hand and he started thinking about his wet dream with her. Renu tells Golu that whether he will show her any saree or should she keep on standing here. Golu says I will show you everything, I mean make your wear everything. Renu says so funny. Golu says thanks you and then he tells Bandhu to show the best saree at the shop for madam ji. He tells her to come and see saree. Renu says yes please.

Bandhu gave sarees to Golu and he started showing them to Renu bhabhi. Golu started taking the feel of her body while showing her sarees and Renu says one minute I will see them myself. Renu started trying sarees one by one but she did not liked any of them. She says none of them is good and asked Golu, Do you have any more sarees? Bandhu came and says that we have better ones but they are in godown and if you come tomorrow then we will give them to you. Golu says yes madam ji you come tomorrow and you will get them. Renu says if I come tomorrow then are you sure I will get the better ones? Golu says yes madam ji definitely. Renu says ok then I will come tomorrow at same time and Golu says ok madam ji. Renu started leaving and Golu was staring at her lower back. Renu turns around and smiled after which she leaves from the shop. Golu says that my dream girl has arrived in front of me in reality but what happened in dream, can it happen in reality? Golu says I need to keep on trying here as I can’t let her leave like this.

At night Golu was in his bedroom and he started dreaming about enjoying with Renu bhabhi at the pool side. Renu was in her bikini and Golu was in his swimming trunks. In his dream Golu was kissing Renu bhabhi in the pool.

Next morning Golu gets ready to leave for the shop. He looked in the mirror and says now you are looking like a hero.

Golu was waiting for Renu bhabhi at the shop and Bandhu says don’t take tension she will come. Renu bhabhi finally arrived at the shop. Golu greets her saying welcome I was waiting for you since long, I mean sarees were waiting for you since long. Nandu leaves from the shop telling Golu that he needs to do the delivery of some sarees. Golu tells Bandhu to bring cold drink for madam ji from Sharma Ji. He hinted him to not to come for a long time. Bandhu leaves from the shop and now it was Golu & Renu bhabhi all alone at the shop.

Golu tells Renu bhabhi to wait and I will bring sarees and she says ok. Golu brought a saree and he started showing it to her. Renu says you still don’t know how to make a woman wear saree. She started teaching him how to wear a saree. Renu grabbed his hand and puts in on her navel after which she teaches him how to take pallu and then tuck the saree. Finally Renu bhabhi and Golu started kissing each other.

Renu bhabhi took Golu to the back of the shop and then she started kissing him on his lips. Renu removed his jacket and he removed her pallu. Golu turns her around after which he started kissing on her back. Golu removed her saree and then he turns her around again after which he started kissing on her navel. Renu opened Golu’s shirt buttons and he takes it off. Golu then kissed on her neck and her navel after which he takes off her petticoat.

Golu started kissing Renu bhabhi once again. He took off his pants and then he removed her panty. He started kissing between her legs by making her sit on a table. Golu and Renu started doing lip to lip kissing again and during that he unhooked her bra. Golu finally removed her bra and Renu bhabhi didn’t had any more clothes left on her body. Golu takes off his underwear and Renu bhabhi started giving him pleasure. Golu lifts her up in his arms and he started giving her pleasure. Renu was enjoying a lot. Golu gave her pleasure from back as well and then from front side again. Golu finally reached his limit and then both Renu & Golu kissed each other on lips.

Golu & Renu gets dressed again and Renu says thank you to him. Golu asks thank you for what? Renu says actually you used to come in my dreams everyday and I was waiting for you since long. Both of them smiled looking at each other.

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