Ullu Web Series Charmsukh ( Saree Ki Dukaan ) Episode 1 Written Update with Sonia Singh Rajput Hot Scenes Info

Golu (Allauddin Shaikh) in his bedroom was making love with Renu Bhabhi (Sonia Singh Rajput) and he was kissing all over her body. Both of them started kissing on each other lips after which Golu removed her saree. Golu puts Renu bhabhi on bed after which she takes off her blouse then he kissed on her back. Golu gets on top of Renu bhabhi and then he started kissing on her navel & neck. Renu bhabhi was enjoying a lot. They once again started kissing each other on lips.

Golu’s father ‘Manohar Telli’ (Dheeraj Pandey) was doing kapaal bhartii and Golu’s mother ‘Sunita’ (Alisha Narone) gave her daughter Dolly (Arohi Barde) coffee. While doing kapaal bharti Manohar asked Sunita about where is Golu? She responds he is sleeping and I won’t wake him up now as he slept late. Manohar started calling Golu by screaming.

Golu in his bedroom removed Renu Bhabhi’s panty and then he started kissing between her legs and on top of her. Renu bhabhi was covering her body with a bedsheet. Manohar says that I will him on the right track and Sunita says that Manohar doesn’t even member the path of their in-laws house to which Manohar responds You won’t let me remember anything. Golu was giving pleasure to Renu bhabhi on bed and she was enjoying it. His father went up the stairs to wake him up. Golu was still making love with Renu bhabhi while his father was arriving in the room. Finally Golu’s father entered the room and he wakes him up by shouting at him. It turns out that Golu was making love with Renu bhabhi in his dream. Manohar tells him to get ready as you are getting late to go to shop. Golu says what a dream that was I enjoyed a lot, I hope that this dream of mine comes true and such a girl comes in front of me in reality.

Golu went with his father to their saree shop and the workers at the shop were mocking Golu for his laziness. A customer was present at the shop and Manohar tells her that this saree was worn by Sushmita Sen in Main Hoon Naa after which the customer tells them to pack it. Golu ran away from the shop after which Manohar made a phone call to Sunita and he tells her that Golu might have arrived home so send him back to the shop. Sunita went inside Golu’s bedroom and Dolly was inside the room. Sunita asked her who is sleeping on the bed and Dolly says its Golu because he is ill. Sunita tells Manohar that Golu is at home and he is ill after which she hangs up the phone. Actually it was Dolly’s boyfriend Sachin (Prashant Mishra) on bed and Dolly lied to her mother.

Dolly and Sachin started kissing each other. Dolly gets on top of him and then she removed her shirt. Dolly started kissing Sachin on lips. Sachin takes the top position and he continues kissing Dolly. Sachin takes off his jacket followed by his shirt and then he started kissing on Dolly’s navel. Dolly sits on Sachin’s lap and then they both started doing French kissing. Dolly takes off Sachin’s belts and then his pants. She once again sits on top of Sachin after which they both started kissing again. Sachin turns around Dolly and he took the top position again. He removed her pants followed by her panty and then he started kissing between her legs. Dolly was enjoying the whole experience a lot. Sachin was continuously giving pleasure to Dolly and she was enjoying it. Sachin unhooked her bra and then he kissed on Dolly’s back. Sachin took his tongue out and Dolly was licking it. Sachin managed to satisfy Dolly and both of them enjoyed a lot.

Golu and his father went to the shop again. Manohar tells Golu that today he will help customer in wearing the saree. Golu started thinking about his dream with Renu bhabhi while he was helping customer in wearing saree. Golu ran away from the shop. Manohar says that one day he will destroy me. Golu went to a public toilet and he started giving pleasure to himself after which he says it seems that heaven door has been opened and now I will find a girl.

Next morning Manohar went inside Golu’s room and he was not present there. He asked Sunita and she responds he might’ve went to the GYM. Manohar says once Golu gets married will you tell the girl to eat his body as you should advice him to help Manohar in his work. Sunita tells Manohar to drink tea and he responds I don’t want.

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