Ullu Web Series Jaal (Part 2) Episode 5 Written Update with Chinga & Surekha Hot Scenes Details

Bhomik entered Dheeraj’s room as a masked thief at night to execute Nidhi’s plan but when he entered the room, he got confronted by Chinga and Rani. Bhomik started pointing the gun towards them and they ran outside. Bhomik grabbed Rani and threatened that he will kill her. Chinga saved Rani.

Anmol & Bhomik started fighting with each other and suddenly Bhomik grabbed the gun and he started pointing it towards Anmol. Bhomik shoots Anmol and then he ran away. Surekha ran behind him but he escaped.

Police came and Surekha informed the inspector that Bhomik is the murderer. Inspector asked, but you said that his face was covered then how did you identified him? Nidhi said that his eyes were exposed and it was clearly Bhomik. Constable came and he informed inspector that he has found a gun but no bullet has been fired from it. Inspector said that maybe he had another gun. Inspector again asked, how are you so sure that it was Bhomik? Chinga said that he was staying here but even after so much of chaos, he did not came out.

Bhomik as on terrace and Nidhi came there. He told Nidhi that I did not shot Anmol. Nidhi says I know you are not lying.

Flashback started – Bhomik was pointing the gun towards Anmol and at the same time Nidhi shoots Anmol from behind. – Flashback ended.

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Nidhi said that I didn’t trust you only at once and I am suffering because of it. She told Bhomik that Surekha bhabhi has identified you and she was the one who told police that you are the one to shoot Anmol. Bhomik said that Surekha has put him in trouble, now what will we do? Nidhi told Bhomik that I have made arrangements for Surekha and for you as well. Nidhi kissed Bhomik and then she slits his throat with a knife.

Bhomik was screaming in pain while lying on the floor. Nidhi tells him that I killed you because due to your fear I came here from Noida and then I married a family like this, everything got spoiled because of you. She kept on stabbing him while talking to him. She says that all of you men are the same, you think that a woman is your property. She stabbed him in the belly about four more times after which Bhomik died.

Rani was making Surekha’s bed and she found a gun in her bag. She showed it to Chinga and he said that its the same gun with which Anmol has been killed and maybe Surekha bhabhi is behind the murder. Rani says Surekha bhabhi can’t do it. Chinga tells Rani to leave the room and he will take care of it.

Later that day, Surekha came in her room and she saw the bag on her bed. She finds the gun inside the bag after which Chinga grabbed her from behind and says that you are caught. He takes the gun from her with a handkerchief in his hand and told her that this gun has one bullet less so this means you killed Anmol.

Chinga pushed Surekha on bed and he said that I know you killed Dheeraj Verma too because I saw you peeping into his room that night.

Flashback started – Surekha was peeping inside Dheeraj’s room and Chinga was standing behind her. Flashback ended.

Surekha says I haven’t killed anyone. Chinga said that everyone knew that you were having an affair with Anmol bhaiya so that’s why you killed him. He took off her saree pallu. Surekha again said that I haven’t killed anyone. Chinga grabbed her with her legs and made her come closer. He said to her that no one will believe you. He tells Surekha that if police finds about it then all of your secrets will come out and your reputation will get ruined.

Surekha once again tells Chinga that she has not killed anyone and even this gun doesn’t belong to her. She pleads to him to not tell anyone about it and hide the gun. Chinga said that I will do whatever you say but what will you do for me. Surekha asks him, what do you want? Chinga says now what I want, you yourself needs to understand.

Chinga removed Surekha’s saree and then she took off her blouse. Chinga takes off her petticoat. Surekha was standing alongside the wall and she was wearing only bra and panty. Chinga started touching her body and tells her that Dheeraj used to touch my wife like this and I used to get angry that time, I decided that I will touch one of his daughter-in-law for sure. Chinga tells Surekha to support or else he will call the cops.

Chinga kissed on Surekha’s lips and then he made her turn alongside the wall. He kissed on her back a bit and then he opened the hook of Surekha’s bra. Chinga started gently touching Surekha’s back and then she turned around. They both started kissing on each other lips and then Chinga kissed on her navel. Once again both of them started kissing on each other’s lips.

Chinga puts Surekha on bed and then he started touching her belly. He takes off Surekha’s panty and then Chinga gets on top of Surekha after which he started kissing on her neck. Yet again he started kissing on her lips after which he slowly removed her bra.

Chinga started giving pleasure to Surekha and while doing that he gave a tight kiss on her lips. Surekha was making love noises while Chinga was giving her pleasure on bed and Nidhi overhears her from outside the room.

Nidhi tells Rani that you used to say that your Chinga is not like other men then go and see what’s happening inside Surekha bhabhi’s room. Rani says I don’t understand bhabhi what are you trying to say. Nidhi says its not time to understand but to see, go and see now. Rani went near Surekha’s room and she overhears her making loud noises after which Rani ran away from there.

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