Anupama: Namaste America Episode 5 Written Updates – Ritika arrives at Shah house

Anupama was waiting for Vanraj’s return to home and she heard his motor bike sound after which she went out with excitement. Vanraj smelled the perfume from her body and he shouted at her telling her never to put it back again. Anupama says sorry I’ll never do it again. Moti Baa came and she says that you should not fight with your wife outside the house after which she tells Vanraj to apologize to Anupama. Vanraj says sorry.

Vanraj received a call from his boss and Anupama once again got excited. Vanraj’s boss tells him that there’s no need to send the audition tape anymore because his wife has sent the party video of Anupama and now that will be used as her audition video. Anupama asked what did he said and Vanraj says he called for work and not for audition.

Anupama was working outside the house and Ritika arrived. Vanraj gets shocked seeing Ritika at Shah house. Ritika told Anupama that she is Vanraj’s college friend. Anupama told Ritika to come inside and she came inside. Ritika sits inside the house and Moti Baa, Dolly, Bapuji, Toshu started talking to her. Ritika says I am very close friend of Vanraj. Anupama tells her that Vanraj is making a beautiful house for them with marble flooring. Vanraj tells Anupama to make tea.

Ritika tells them that she is from America and Moti Baa says we are hearing the word America a lot these days as someone is coming from America while someone is going there. Ritika asks who is going to America? Moti Baa responds Anupama.

Ritika taunts Anupama saying that she is working in kitchen but still smiling. Vanraj defends Anupama by telling Ritika the importance of a housewife. Bottle fell down from Toshu’s hand and Vanraj went in washroom to clean it. Leela confronts Vanraj and she says that I know Ritika is the girl from your past but be careful otherwise I will protect you from Moti Baa but nobody will protect you from me.

Ritika told Moti Baa that she got separated from her husband as there was no love between them anymore. She says we got separated without any fight. Moti Baa says its interesting because here in India even marriage won’t happen without fights. Vanraj receives a call from his boss and he told him that Anupama got selected and she is going to America.

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