ULLU Web Series Charmsukh (Flat 69) Hot Trailer Watch with Release Date and Full Details

The trailer for the next episode of ULLU popular web series Charmsukh titled Flat 69 has been out. In this 1 min and 36 seconds trailer we get to see a hot girl named Garima taking a shower saying that its her first day in Mumbai and she is finally happy that she is in a city where she can be herself. Garima further says that she could smell the freedom and is so excited for her first house party and she also chose her best dress after which the trailer continues and you need to watch it as we don’t want to spoil it for you any further.

The description of the trailer of Charmsukh – Flat 69 says, ‘”Nasha maza bhi hai aur saza bhi, jisme ishq fanah bhi hai aur tabah bhi” – kuch aise hi nashe ki dhun me, ek ladki ne kari sarey haddey paar.” Well we surely cannot wait to see what unfolds in this hot episode and we know nether can you. Charmsukh Flat 69 will release on ULLU App on 2 October 2020.

Charmsukh – Flat 69 Episode Trailer Video with Hot Scenes

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