Bigshots Kache Rishtey (2023) Web Series Lead Actresses Names, Release Date, Story Written, Pics, and All Hot Scenes Info

Bigshots OTT Platform has released their first original web series and its name is Kache Rishtey. The premise of this series is about the intimate relationship of a young teenager guy with his mother and aunt.

This new web series Kache Rishtey on Bigshots OTT platform is filled with many hot scenes and this includes threesome romance as well. Fans of young guy and elder woman concept will definitely enjoy watching it a lot.

Bigshots Web Series Kache Rishtey (2023) Full Story Written Updates

Story of Kache Rishtey revolves around a young teenager named Aakash and his desires to make out with elder woman. Aakash’s aunt “Julie” decides to give divorce to her husband and she comes back to stay at her brother’s home.

Aakash gets impressed by her aunt Julie’s bold attitude and her beauty, but he decides not to have dirty throughts about her because of their relationship.

Aakash parents makes out in the bedroom and his father failed to satisfy her mother and then she said that Aakash is their adopted son as her husband never succeeded in satisfying her. Aakash overhears their conversation from outside the room.

Aakash decides to make out with her aunt (Julie) and when she tries to resist, he tells her that he is the adopted son of his parents. Julie and Aakash starts making out with each other and Julie enjoys a lot with him.

Julie starts making out with Aakash regularly and one day Aakash’s mother catches him red-handed in the bedroom with Julie, while she was giving him pleasure.

To be continued….

What is the name of lead actress in Bigshots Kache Rishtey Web Series?

Malvika Tomar is main lead actress in Bigshots Kache Rishtey web series

Bigshots Web Series Kache Rishtey (2023) Wiki Info Full

Web Series Name Kache Rishtey
OTT Platform Bigshots
Genre Bold Drama
Lead Actor Alok Nath Pathak
Lead Actress Malvika Tomar
Total Episodes 3

What is the release date of Bigshots Kache Rishtey Web Series?

Bigshots Kache Rishtey Web Series was released on Friday, 15 December 2023 at 12:00 AM IST.

Bigshots Kache Rishtey (2023) Web Series All Hot Scenes Details with Episode no. and Actresses Involved :

  • Episode 1 – Aakash’s Parents makes out in the Bedroom.
  • Episode 2 – Aakash puts cake on her Bua Julie’s body and makes out with her on the bed and couch.
  • Episode 3 – Aakash’s Bua Julie makes love with him on the table and sofa.

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