Ullu Web Series Woodpecker Episode 7 Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

Nandini’s father was talking to Bobby and Lucky disguised as Sadanand and Gyanendar with Nandini sitting alongside him. He asked them where did you meet her then Bobby says outside temple. Flashback shown and he was watching her hot bikini pics on social media. Her father then asks Lucky and you then he says I was in the queue of the temple as well. Flashback shown and he was seeing those hot pics of Nandini with Bobby. Her father asks them what does your father do then they say that he is the Pujari of that temple. Hearing this her father says that their father will chant the mantras during Nandini’s wedding. They both got shocked hearing that she is getting married.

Pandey Ji got hospitalized and Rini’s father gets tensed. Pappu had a funny argument with both his side goons. Rini gets tensed as Pandey Ji was admitted in ICU. Doctor tells her that everything is alright then she recalls Pappu feeding jaggery to Pandey Ji and says I hope that everything will be fine.

Bobby and Lucky started making love to Nandini in their bedroom and they started taking their turns pushing each other aside. Bobby lies on bed and Nandini sits on top of him while Lucky romances her from behind. After getting satisfied they asks her when are we meeting again then Nandini says this was the last time. Lucky asks her are you in love then she says as I told you we are not meeting again and this was the last time. They both say oh shit it hurts and Nandini leaves.

Shagun went to Yash’s house and the door was locked. She called him and he says that landlord throws him out because he did not pay the rent. Shagun tells him to come to her. Yash came to Shagun and tells her that he is going back to Kolkata. Shagun says what about me. Yash says will you not go with me. Shagun says what about my career and my family.

Myra came to Shanaya’s cabin and says Mam I heard there’s a meeting in hotel Kohinoor then she says are you naive or dumb. Shanaya tells her that her laptop is not working so just fix it then Myra says that it will not work and I need to take it with me. Shanaya says ok I will send some mails first. Myra says you will not be able to send mail with it then Shanaya says did I ask you, just get out.

Nandini receives a message on her phone and she gets tensed seeing it.

Shanaya came to Rini’s party and she greets her. Shagun came and asks her did your buddha’s rocket launched then Rini says no its still on countdown. Pappu asks the guard can I go inside then he says no men are not allowed. Nandini came to the party and she was looking sad. Rini asked her what happened then Nandini says that my ex boyfriends made my mms and are now torturing me that they will send it to my parents. Rini says its okay chill.

Myra tells Ajay Singhania that your doubt was right and Shanaya is taking advantage of your trust as I retrieved deleted files from Shanaya’s laptop and Shanaya has opened a dummy account in partnership with ECA bank manager and she is slowly transferring your money to that account. Ajay says that we will take more advantage of her. Myra asks how sir. Ajay asks her how good are you at hacking. Myra says one of the best sir. Ajay says then do some work for me and I will pay you handsomely and other benefits also. Myra says anything for you sir. Ajay laughs saying I know.

Bobby and Lucky were smoking in their bedroom and both the bodyguards of Rini came with guns to their room. They started beating them and then made a video of them in which they were apologizing saying that we will never blackmail anyone. Nandini saw the video and gets happy and says thank you Rini, you are like my true sister. Rini says from today onwards they will not see any girl in that way.

Shanaya orders a wine from waiter and Shagun comes to her and she was upset. Shanaya says that you are still upset because of that blue stone. Shagun says yeah because I could have paid all my bills with that. Shanaya says do you think that Ajay Singhania would have left you as he would have called the police and you would have been arrested and lost the job. Shagun tells Shanaya that you did not returned the stone to save me.

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