Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 5 April 2021 Written – Sherlyn decides to burn whole Luthra family

Preeta tried to wake up Prithvi and Sherlyn sees that from the bedroom window. Mahesh meets Kritika. Baani Dadi thanks God for getting Mahesh out of coma and she applies colour on him. Rakhi brings jalebi for Mahesh and they feed each other. Mahira thinks no one will identify her so she decides to inject Mahesh when everyone starts playing holi. Sherlyn wonders what to do. She informs Mahira that she will handle Prithvi so Mahira should focus on Mahesh. Srishti feels she gave extra dose to Prithvi that’s why he is not waking up. Sherlyn thinks Prithvi should not wake up. Mahesh asks Karan to call Preeta, Srishti and Sameer because he wants to celebrate holi with them too. Kareena says she also wants to see Mahesh dancing. Karan goes to bring others. Mahira thinks after few minutes atmosphere will change.

Preeta shakes Prithvi to wake him up. Sherlyn thinks Prithvi won’t react. Srishti tells Sameer to help Preeta. Prithvi takes Preeta’s name which shocks Sherlyn. Sherlyn curses Prithvi in her mind. Preeta asks Prithvi that why he is marrying Kritika and asks is this his revenge plan. Prithvi agrees with Preeta. Srishti starts recording his confession in her phone. Prithvi takes Karan and Rishabh’s name. Sherlyn gets worried hearing him. Karan comes there and says Mahesh wants to celebrate holi with them. Preeta and Karan leaves from there. Srishti and Sameer stays with Prithvi to know the truth. Mahesh dances with his family on “Balam Pichkari” song.

Mahira moves towards Mahesh wearing veil. Srishti and Sameer asks Prithvi to wake up. Sameer says Prithvi stopped talking now. Sristy says earlier he talked because Preeta asked him. She asks Sameer to stay with Prithvi and leaves the room. Sristy takes Preeta with her. Someone collides with Mahira so she drops the injection. Karan realises that Preeta is missing and goes to find her. Pawan comes there. Mahira and Mahesh sees him. Mahesh tries to recognise Pawan and Mahira notices that and wonders how Mahesh knows Pawan.

Karan, Preeta comes to Prithvi. Srishti says Prithvi is weird and he is reacting with Preeta’s voice only. Sherlyn thinks Prithvi loves Preeta so in his drunken state he will reveal everything. Karan says Prithvi will react hearing his voice too. He asks Prithvi to wake up but no use. Preeta says maybe Srishti is right and moves towards Prithvi. Sameer says Srishti is right. Karan gets irritated hearing them and tells Sameer to not say anything. Srishti tells Preeta to address Prithvi as “Prithvi ji”.

Preeta asks who is Prithvi’s enemy. Prithvi takes Mahesh’s name and refers Pawan too but no one understood him. Sherlyn gets worried hearing him. She recalls how Prithvi asked her to marry Rishabh for revenge and how Mahesh learnt about her truth. She says Luthra’s destroyed Prithvi’s family and for revenge she did so many things but everything may finish now. She takes kerosene and says she doesn’t care if she dies today but she will make sure that whole Luthra family dies too. Pawan searches Prithvi and asks Mahesh about Prithvi.

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