Today Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Episode 20 Sept 2021 Written Updates – Samrat defends Sai

Pandit ji tells Pakhi to put ahuti in Hawan but she was more focused on Virat. Samrat tells her to put ahuti and the ritual continues. Pulkit tells Sai to go and sit with Virat in the pooja but she refused. Devi grabs Sai by arm and makes her sit with Virat in pooja. Satyanarayan Katha takes place and after the pooja ends focus of the whole Chavan family goes back to Sai.

Samrat says nobody will say anything to Sai and only I will talk to her. Virat says she is my wife and I have all the rights to talk to her and question her and nobody can stop me from doing this. Samrat blames Virat saying what he did to Sai comes under the section of domestic violence and Sai can file a case against you if she wants as you have mentally harassed her by locking her in the room.

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Pakhi says to Virat why he is trying to pick sword in a lost cause as the whole family is supporting Sai. Samrat shouts at Pakhi and says why you always manipulate people against her and why there is so much venom inside you against Sai. Pakhi gets emotional and Vaishali takes her in her room.

Vaishali tells Pakhi that the way Samrat behaves with you is not right. Samrat comes there and started questioning them. Mansi came there and she tried to cover up things in front of Vaishali. Samrat says to Mansi that you have promised me that if I ever want to go back then you will allow me. Mansi says but you both have to take the decision. Pakhi says if Samrat wants then I am ready to go to Mahabaleshwar Orphanage with him.

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