Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 6 April 2021 Written – Soumya brings back Simran

Heer comes with strawberry banana milkshake for Virat but she gets shocked seeing Virat drinking ginger tea with his mother. Heer asks why Virat told her to make strawberry banana milkshake then Virat says now he doesn’t want to drink milkshake and Its his choice. Virat says he is not answerable to anybody. Heer is just a manger. He behaves rudely with Heer. Heer gets angry. Virat tells Heer to clean his room. Parmeet enjoys watching Virat’s disrespecting Heer.

Simran enters Harak Singh’s house. Mahi asks why she came back after leaving the house. Soumya says she called Simran back here. Mahi says Simran couldn’t digest Heer’s truth and left the house. She ditched Rohan even after knowing Rohan accepted her. Her child is also illegitimate. Soumya gives water to Simran and says, Simran left the house because of pregnancy mood swings. Someone could have convinced her so that she comes back. Soumya says she is proud of Rohan that he gave his name to Simran’s child. The child will get both mother and father’s love. Mahi leaves angrily. Soumya tells she will give juice to Simran.

Heer cleans Virat’s room. Virat comes out of washroom being shirtless and praises Heer saying she decorated his room the way he likes. It turns out to be Heer’s imagination. Heer is back to reality. Virat scolds Heer saying he absolutely disliked how she cleaned his room. He messes up everything. He again tells Heer to clean everything. Parmeet notices them. Virat gets mad at her saying can’t she hear what he is saying. Heer asks him is Virat taking revenge from her? Virat says Heer wants to leave him but she won’t be able to do it. He will force Heer to hate him. Heer says truth is, they can’t live together. Virat says Heer has already decided she can’t live with him. Then she will leave the house with very much hatred for Virat. Virat throws bag in front of Heer saying she will keep it on top of the cupboard. Heer falls down while doing it. Virat doesn’t help her to get up. Heer gets disheartened. Virat tells Heer to change her habit of falling. Parmeet overhears everything and leaves happily. She gets assurance that Virat finally started hating Heer.

Harak and Preeto gave blessings to Simran. Rohan says Simran misbehaves with Soumya. Saumya reveals Simran came back as she too has hopes for saving her relationship with Rohan.

Parmeet tells Sant Baksh that Virat hates Heer so much now its the right time to find a girl for Virat. Sant says they should give some time Virat. Parmeet says they don’t have much time to waste. Sant Baksh gives permission to her to organize the party.

Soumya brings Rohan and Simran together. Rohan and Simran sit together. Preeto says to Simran she should stay in this house. Simran apologises to everyone saying she insulted Heer a lot to keep Heer away from her child but she forgot a kinnar’s blessings are everything for a child. Rohan says he already forgave Simran. He tells Simran not to take stress. Soumya says its Simran’s Godhbharai. Rohan should gift something to Simran. She hugs Simran.

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