Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 30 March 2021 Written – Karan Preeta romantic Holi celebration

Sherlyn blames Prithvi for the murder of Akshay, Sherlyn says that when the ACP Vijay came he was shivering heavily and also dropped the coffee mug which makes him a suspect, Prithvi asks what is she saying because they are both standing in the kitchen and if she is murdered then would they blame him for killing her, Sherlyn says that they can see the fear in his eyes and this time no one would be able to help him, she leaves when Prithvi thinks that Akshay died on the same day when he went to give the money then if Sherlyn is talking like this about him it might really be true.

Mahira enters her room in a state of confusion, she recalls when Sherlyn blamed Prithvi for murdering Akshay and also Mahira realizes when Karan came with injury on his hands but refused to tell anything, Mahira decides to call Ramona who inquires what is the matter and if she should come to help her, Mahira then reveals that Akshay was murdered and Karan was also about to meet Preeta in the same hotel however she did not come and he got a call after which he left in anger and when he came back he was distressed as if he was in a fight, which is worrying her, Ramona then says that it is understood that Karan is the killer, she reveals that he might have gone to the room and they both would have gotten in a fight after which Karan might have killed him. Mahira drops the mobile, Ramona says she ended the call without listening to her, she only has to wait as the truth would surely come out.

In the morning the celebrations of Holi begins, Preeta was walking with the thali when she was pulled aside by Karan, Preeta gets tensed ordering him to leave her as she needs to attend the guests therefore does not have time to talk with him, he then applies the pink colour on the cheeks of Preeta wishing her happy Holi, she pushes him away and was about to leave, Karan questions if she would not apply the colour, Preeta reveals that she has to attend the guests first and turns to leave which angers Karan, Preeta takes his hand however he pushes her away, she hugs him then rubs his cheeks on his face applying the colour, Karan also pulls Preeta closer when she also wishes him happy Holi, they both start laughing when Preeta turns to pick the colours and once again applies them on his face, he also applies them on her, they both laugh out loud then hug. Karan says she has gotten romantic asking if she was like this before, he tickles her before picking her up the ground, she runs from him while he is following her in the entire house, she even comes face to face with Prithvi however runs away and is followed by Karan, they both do not let anyone stop them.

Prithvi in anger watches them both, he gets a call from Sherlyn who was crying, he inquires what has happened however she does not say anything, he requests her to wait while he is going to come to her and listen about the problem. Rakhi was with Mahesh in the room, she applies colour on his forehead and also makes him apply colour on her face, saying she did not feel like celebrating the event because he is not with her however, she is also a bahu and has to fulfill some duties, she prays that he get better as she cannot face everything alone anymore.

Preeta was running from Karan, he comes from behind then hugs her while they both start laughing, Karan asks she did not answer his question, Preeta asks if he is asking how romantic did she get, Karan refutes her saying he was asking how did she get so fat, Preeta pushes him away when he once again questions why she did not reply to his first question, how did she get so romantic, Preeta suddenly hears Bani Dadi calling so tries to leave, Karan pulls her but she calls him Janu and leaves.

Mahira comes from the corridor asks Karan what he is looking at, he responds that he was looking at Preeta, Mahira questions where she is, Karan asks her to look at from his point of view only then would she be able to see Preeta. Mahira asks how much he loves her; Karan responds that he does not have any words to answer the question.

Prithvi secretly enters the room of Sherlyn while she was crying, he asks why she is crying, then asks if Rishabh did say anything to her or scolded him so asks her to say it clearly as then he would take revenge from Rishabh under any circumstance. Sherlyn asks if he can see anything, Prithvi says that he can see she is sitting and there is also the bed, Sherlyn explains that her pregnancy can be seen, Prithvi explains that it will be seen but she does not have to worry as the Luthra family knows, Sherlyn asks what would happen about her figure, Prithvi says there is nothing that can change how he views her because she is just like him, however she starts questioning if he actually killed Akshay but Prithvi leaves in anger complaining why does she not trust him when he never questions her.

Rakhi was overlooking the preparations of the Holi when Srishti comes and greets her, Rakhi explains Preeta is inside the house, Srishti rushes inside, Rakhi sees two of the guests coming, she greets them and then presented with home made sweets, Kareena also comes and they start a conversation, Rakhi questions if her mother is the same as before when Harsh explains that it is just a misconception because mother in laws are not always cruel, Kareena asks them to witness Rakhi as she has two daughter in law, Rakhi explains that the younger one is Preeta while the elder is Sherlyn, Kareena says that she is also pregnant.

Karan warns Mahira not talk about death on the event of Holi, Mahira seeks permission to apply the colour, Karan laughs saying one does not take permission to apply the colour and when he picks them, Sameer rushes hugging him while wishing happy Holi, he then applies the colour, Mahira very cleverly applies the colour on her face saying she also has the colours of Karan.

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