Anupamaa 7 Oct 2021 Written Updates – Anupama says sorry to Vanraj

Bapuji comes back home and Vanraj says that I know you are angry with me Bapuji but Anuj has left me no option. Bapuji joined hands in front of Vanraj and Vanraj says don’t make me feel guilty Bapuji.

Devika comes to Anuj and he was very sad. She told him that it is Anupama’s fault because she is letting wrong happen to her. Anuj tells her that I told Anupama to leave Shah house. Devika says what. She tells him that you did the right thing by telling her to leave that house. Anuj says no I crossed my limit because I promised myself that I will never interfere in her personal life.

Anupama came back at Shah house and she says sorry to Vanraj. Vanraj asks her for how many things you to apologize. Anupama stands on a stool and looked into his eyes, She says sorry for making you scared. She told him you got scared because we came on even level and till today Anupama was following you and her voice was low but from now onwards her voice will be high and she will lead.

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Baa says to Anupama, you will lead with a strange man. Anupama says I am staying with a strange man under one roof. Baa asks who is the strange man here. Anupama says Vanraj Shah. Baa says what, Vanraj is strange. Kavya says yes he is not hers. Anupama says to Baa that her quota of getting insulted and taunted today is over.

Anuj gets emotional at his house and he was going to tear that paper with his and Anupama’s hands printed on it. GK stopped him and calmed him down.

Anuj went to office and she gets shocked seeing Anupama there. Anupama says thanks to her for giving her courage yesterday. She says that my family is like my nest and no matter how high the birds fly, at the end of the day they will come back to their nest. Anuj says sorry for telling you to leave your family and Anupama says if it was anyone else in your place then he would have said the same. Anuj says I am not anyone. Anupama says what. Anuj says nothing.

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