Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 30 March 2021 Written – Preeto apologizes to Soumya

Mahi calls Preeto and tells her that she cannot tolerate Soumya here anymore and says that I am the bahu of this house also even you don’t want her to stay here so I am joining hands in front of you to please tell her to leave from here.

Daljeet asks Angel, Are you out of your mind? why did you went to Heer’s house? Angel recalls Soumya’s actions and says first time I got afraid of someone, first time thinking about someone I got sweat on my forehead, first time someone twisted my hand looking into my eyes. Daljeet says what rubbish you’re talking? Angel says I am speaking right as the story has just begun, I came here to take revenge of my Guru Maharani from her and her family, I have heard about this Kinner Soumya and she is also known as Heer’s mother, now she has returned after so many years to make me and my partners rot in jail. Daljeet tells Angel that IG has handed over the Angel’s case to his dad and if his dad cancelled her bail then even he won’t be able to save her and she will rot in jail. Angel says hey Daroga if I went to jail then you will also go to jail, Daljeet says you will send me to jail, me, listen Angel hear what I say and then door opened as Sant Baksh came with his men and he gets shocked seeing Daljeet there.

Mahi tells Preeto that her bahu doesn’t want Soumya to stay here so please ask her to go back from where she came but Preeto didn’t say anything and Mahi asks why are you quiet? Harak Singh says Mahi Puttar where will Soumya go as its her home. Harak Singh asks Preeto why she isn’t saying anything because she was in pain when Soumya left and now again she’s in pain when she came back. Mahi says but I am the bahu of this house Papa ji, Harak Singh says Mahi Puttar there is no denying in this fact as your relation with this family and your sacrifice is a reality but let me tell you one more bitter truth, Soumya has first right on this house as she loved our Shera (Harman) and our Shera loved her, he was close to our heart so end this topic here. Harak Singh asks everyone else if they have any problem with Soumya staying here and everyone says no they don’t have any problem.

Preeto says Harman’s bauji is saying right, I will not tell her to leave as I kept on thinking about her last night and finally I realised that the relation I share with her I don’t have with anyone else and It cannot be with anyone else. Mahi recalls about Preeto’s words of encouragement to her that Mahi is Heer’s mother and Harman’s wife. Preeto was going towards Soumya but Mahi stops her asking her so what’s your relation with me? I am standing with this family since last 18 years, Harman ji never accepted me as his wife but I took care of every relation but now she is more important to you then me. Preeto says that children do these mistakes because they know at the end parents will forgive them. Preeto pushes Mahi aside and goes to Soumya after which Preeto tells Mahi that I let you live here since last 18 years because you had nowhere else to go. Preeto says it was my mistake because I told Soumya to leave from here as I didn’t knew that Soumya is my biggest strength, my real Shakti, I couldn’t have given Heer good upbringing without her and can’t take care of Soham so failed to do so, I am nothing without her and I will not tell her to leave as it was my fault. Preeto asks Soumya for forgiveness by joining hands in front of her then Soumya says no mummy ji I should apologize after which they both hugged and got emotional. Mahi left from there while everyone else hugged Soumya and Preeto

Sant Baksh asks Daljeet what are you doing here? Daljeet says I came here for inquiry. Sant Baksh tells Daljeet to stay away from this case and focus on Rakh case instead after which Daljeet left. Sank Baksh asks Angel why did you went to Harak Singh’s house? Angel says Heer was a part of our community so I went to ask about their well being. Sant Baksh says let me find Virat and if I found out from him that you’re involved in this then you will see what I will do to you. Sant Baksh left and Angel gets angry.

Virat wakes up at the Sujanpur hospital and Heer takes a promise from him to get separated. Virat says ok lets become strangers again and start afresh, we will test our love as whether it will get us together again or not, I don’t know about you but I have full faith on my love.

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