Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 17 March 2021 Written – Karan slaps Prithvi

Srishti went in the kitchen to call Sarla and Janki telling them that outside they are exposing Prithvi by showing the proof of his first marriage. Preeta shows the picture of Prithvi’s first marriage on projector in which he was being dressed as groom but the bride’s picture was burnt from face. Kareena asks Prithvi to tell when did he got married and who’s the girl in the picture. Rakhi says to Prithvi that your true face has been revealed and you don’t deserve to be Kritika’s husband.

Srishti says to Prithvi that now you will rot in jail as you were committing a fraud. Prithvi says I am not married. Prithvi tries to manipulate Kritika again by telling her that everyone in Luthra house hates him. Prithvi says I should get one chance to prove my innocence. Preeta says we want answer about who’s the bride in the picture. Kritika tells Prithvi that she doesn’t want answers of any question. Prithvi says now I won’t answer anyone as Kritika said.

Preeta says that you are a married man and you came here to cheat us by doing second marriage with Kritika. Prithvi says yes I’m married now happy. Karaan slapped Prithvi. Sherlyn came to defend Prithvi and then she tells everyone why are you making your hands dirty. Sherlyn whispers in Prithvi’s ear to make some story. Sanjana starts crying and Prithvi says that what if my mom gets a heart attack.

Sanjana thinks that Sherlyn gets saved because her face in the picture gets burned. Prithvi tells Kritika that yes I’m married but only with you. Sarla asks him then who is the girl in the picture to which Prithvi says when you get to know the truth you will be the first one to say that you are right. Suresh says quickly tell us who is the girl in the photo. Prithvi says to Kritika that they all hate me because I have disrespected Arora’s many times but when a guy loves a girl from heart and he gets neglected then he will feel bad.

Prithvi thinks that Kritika will marry him at any cost. Kareena says that we all want to know the truth and both Rakhi & Preeta seconds that. Prithvi says that I’ll not answer any of your question because you don’t consider me as your son-in-law. Kritika asks Prithvi to tell who is the girl and I will support you. Kareena says that you have tried to divide us all and rule over the Luthra family but it will not work here. Prithvi says that this photo was taken 7 years ago at my friends marriage but his family was against it and they were coming to kill him so just to save my friend I took his place as groom for sometime. Prithvi says its easy to put blame but somehow I managed to get my friend married.

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