Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 31 March 2021 Written – Soumya Heer Phone Conversation

Angel hires a specialist assassin to get Soumya killed by giving money to a local don. The don gives money to the assassin and gives him Soumya’s photo after which the assassin says that he will kill Soumya within 24 hours as all he cares about is money.

At Sujanpur hospital Heer makes a phone call at Virat’s house and she tells Parmeet that Virat is at Sujanpur hospital after which Heer disconnects the call. Heer makes a phone call to her house from a local telephone booth and Soumya picks the call but Heer disconnects the call. Someone calls Soumya outside asking her about a neighbour’s house address and Soumya went outside to guide them.

Heer calls at her house again and this time Preeto picks the phone. Preeto gets very happy hearing Heer’s voice after this Harak talks to Heer and tells her to come back. Rohan also talked to Heer and Soumya comes back. Soumya gets happy knowing that Heer is still alive. Preeto tells Rohan to tell Heer that Gulaabo has returned back home.

Rohan was about to tell Heer about Soumya but Mahi snatched phone from him and tells her to not to come back home and she will take care of everything. Heer disconnects the call. Preeto scolds Mahi for her pathetic behaviour and Preeto cries in front of Soumya while Soumya calms her down.

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