Top 10 Best Bigg Boss One Liners of all time with Who said it Info and More Details

Bigg Boss is inarguably one of the biggest and most popular reality show of India and with each and every season its popularity is increasing even more, thanks to the brilliant casting by the makers and amazing hosting by Salman Khan. Although each season only one contestant emerge out as the winner but some of the contestant always gets remembered for their witty one liners and today we are going to reveal a list of some of the best ones in all the seasons.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 best one liners which are being used in the various seasons of Bigg Boss and some of them are very funny while some of them are outright badass. Along with the list, we are also revealing the names of the contestants who have used these one liners and during which season they have used them.

Top 10 Best Bigg Boss One Liners List with Which contestant said them Name and during which Season info :

1. Twada Kutta Tommy Sadda Kutta Kutta – Said by Shehnaaz Gill during Bigg Boss 13

2. Maar Maar Ke Mor Bana Dungi – Said by Archana Gautam during Bigg Boss 16

3. Aawam Sab Dekh Rahi Hai – Said by Arshi Khan during Bigg Boss 11

4. Mereko Farak Ni Padhtaaaa – Said by Eijaz Khan during Bigg Boss 14

5. Baap Pe Mat Jaana – Said by Dolly Bindra during Bigg Boss 4

6. Two Rupees People – Said by Kamaal R. Khan during Bigg Boss 3

7. Ullu Banaya Bada Mazaa Aaya – Said by Sapna Bhavnani during Bigg Boss 6

8. . Shikaarpur Ke Cheete Hai Shikaar Par Hi Jeete Hai – Said by Manu Punjabi during Bigg Boss 10

9. Aakramannnnn – Said by Rubina Dilaik during Bigg Boss 14

10. Time Out – Said by Imam Siddiqui during Bigg Boss 7

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