Today’s Kumkum Bhagya Episode 27 April 2021 Written – Raghuveer Mishra refuses to take Abhi’s case

Shahana makes a phone call to Prachi and asks her where she went. Prachi whispers saying she is at Tanu’s house to request her to take back the case and during verbal battle she may reveal what proof she might have against Dad. Shahana says people won’t believe our words. Prachi tells her she gonna record everything in phone. Shahana praises her idea and asks why she is talking slowly. Prachi says their is someone with Tanu and I feel he is Inspector and if he caughts me he might arrest me that’s why I’m hiding from them and cuts the call.

Tanu gets drink for unknown men and both have wine and she tells him she is going to win the case. Ranbir observes everything through window. Tanu about to notice him but Ranbir hides in time than she gets inspector call and they rushes to police station. Ranbir thinks to search Tanu’s place for proof and he enters inside breaking the window.

Prachi notices unknown men left in car but she didn’t notice Tanu is going with him so she runs inside to talk with Tanu. Ranbir thinks where he have to search in house for proofs than he calls Aryan and asks where his Mom keeps important things. Aryan asks him to tell the reason. Ranbir asks him to answer. Aryan says his Mom hides important things between iron clothes in her almirah and asks him why he wants to know it. Ranbir cuts the call without answering him.

Prachi rings calling bell but no-one opens the door than she gets Shahana call. Shahana advices her to enter inside through window. Prachi agrees and enters inside through window opened by Ranbir.

Ranbir goes to Tanu room and hears some sound and thinks who might enter inside through window? It might be my illusion than he gets Aryan call. Prachi rushes to upstairs hearing phone ring. Ranbir searches cupboards and informs to Aryan that he is at Tanu place than he listens footsteps sounds and hides behind curtain. Prachi enters to room and notices someone behind curtain and she opens the curtain and gets shocked seeing Ranbir and she about to fell down but Ranbir saves her on time. Both losts in eachother eyes.

Aryan on call asks if he is away. Ranbir says fine than Aryan listens Prachi voice and asks if he went to meet Prachi by lying him. Ranbir cuts the call and asks Prachi why she entered to Tanu’s place. Prachi tells him how she planned to take Tanu’s confession. Prachi asks why he entered to Tanu’s place. Ranbir tells her how he is searching for the proof Tanu had against Abhi than both goes to search proof in library.

Contestable asks Tanu to sign the form. Tanu asks if they called her for sign? Inspector says it’s needed to call you that’s why we called you. Tanu says I’m victim so don’t call me frequently to station. Inspector asks their Contestable to stay with Tanu but she denies to take their help and signs the papers.

Pragya goes to Raghuveer Mishra house and tells him that Saritha ji sent her. Raghuveer says I won’t fight for money because I fight for truth but problem is I’m not handling cases these days and it’s Rape case and case is big like Abhi’s reputation and one mistake can make your husband suffer in jail for 10 years and your family will have to face the consequences along with him and I know I will get more money if I accept this case but I can’t take the risk for money. Pragya gets shocked.

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