Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 28 April 2021 Written – Preeto tells Soumya to apologize to Harman

Virat asks Simran is she stupid that even after Heer’s family accepted her after all she did. How can she misbehave with Rohan like this. She is not kid anymore. Simran says Rohan misbehaved with mom. Virat says Rohan never made her feel unwanted or unimportant. Simran can’t get a better husband than Rohan. Virat says he will talk to Rohan and sort out everything.

Harman went to the doctor and requests doctor saying please go to my house to see my father. He is not well. Doctor refuses to come saying he won’t visit places due to covid. Harman gets furious and lifts him up. He leaves from there.

Parmeet introduces Kamini and Nayan to Simran. Kamini buys lehenga for Nayan. Simran gets shocked to know that Virat is getting married to Nayan.

Doctor prescribes medicines for Harak Singh. He further tells Harman he won’t forcefully bring any doctor with him for his father like this in future. Soumya gets shocked. She asks Harman why he called Harak his father. Soumya gets angry. Harman apologises to Harak for giving him alcohol. Harak forgives him.

Soumya says she won’t fall into Harman’s trap. She tells Harman to leave the house immediately. Harak and Preeto stopped Soumya. They say what is this behavior? Soumya says anything could have happened to papaji because of Harman. Preeto says then it is my fault also as I didn’t stop Harak from drinking alcohol.

Harman says he shouldn’t have come here. He should leave. Harman leaves. Preeto and Harak tells Soumya that we are also responsible, you will throw us out then? Preeto asks why Soumya is making it a big deal. Mahi says Soumya should apologise to Harman. He saved Simran. Preeto tells Soumya has problem with Harman’s name. But it isn’t his fault. She should apologise to him. Soumya agrees.

Virat meets Rohan. They hug each other. Rohan says he is feeling relaxed to see Virat and Heer safe. Rohan says though Heer left but she will be back soon as Virat and Heer can’t get separated. Virat says he is here to say sorry from Parmeet’s side. Rohan says he is also sorry for his behavior. Rohan says he wants to learn something from Virat and Heer, how they always deal with everything easily. Virat stays quiet. Rohan tells he will come to his house to take Simran tomorrow. Virat says he will wait for him.

Soumya searches for Harman and thinks he has gone so she doesn’t need to apologise. Harman scares Soumya from behind by making horrible sound. He saves Saumya from falling. Soumya pushes him and asks why are you still here and why you were overhearing our conversation again.

Harman says to Soumya you are here to say sorry. Then apologise. Seeing Preeto and Mahi Harman starts acting saying Soumya is innocent. He will say sorry not Soumya. Soumya reveals that Harman is lying, he gathered information about her family and misleading her family. He is not trustworthy. Preeto stands shocked.

Harman says we have decided Gulabo, we won’t give shock to family like this. But if you want this I’ll speak my heart out. Harman asserts himself to be Preeto’s son. Harman says he was found injured and his face was unrecognizable. He was in coma for many years. Harman adds at least you believe me as mother can recognise her child. Preeto gets emotional and despite of Soumya’s resistance she hugs Harman and cries. Harman says give me one chance I’ll prove it to you that I am your Harman. Mahi gets shocked as well. Soumya is left annoyed.

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