Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 27 April 2021 Written – Kareena apologized to Preeta

Karan at police station tells Preeta after marriage she understood him very well but he failed to understand her. She says to him that he unnecessarily worried about her. He apologize to her for behaving badly with her and he is lucky to get her because if someone else was in her place then he can’t even imagine what would have happened.

Preeta says to Karan that she will also yell at him but not now and says to him that she is just joking. She says to him that he was supporting her even before he knows the complete truth. He informs her that tomorrow is court hearing. She says to him that she can sleep peacefully without his disturbance. He takes her in his embrace.

Rakhi says to Kritika that Akshay did wrong but Kritika should not have kept the truth hidden from them. She advices her to not take any decision in fear and Kritika is their daughter and her respect matters for Luthra’s so they don’t care about society because they just cares about Kritika’s happiness. Kareena agrees with Rakhi and says to Kritika that if she told the truth to them then they would have found any solution to resolve the problem.

Srishti learns that there is no petrol in Sameer’s car and scolds him. She asks him to stop the car seeing Megha and Ruchika. Megha tries to drag Ruchika. Ruchika says to Megha that because of her Akshay is not in her life now. Srishti says to Sameer that they are hiding something that’s why they are fighting like this. Sameer says to her that they should go and overhear their conversation.

Preeta says to Karan that she refused Kritika to reveal the truth then why she revealed. He informs her about Sarla’s arrival to Luthra house and also about the fight which happened between Kareena and Sarla. She says to him that she told Srishti to stop Sarla. He says to her that Srishti didn’t came to Luthra house only Sarla came. She wonders where is Srishti now and asks him to lie to Sarla that she will be released tomorrow definitely. He agrees to meet Sarla and she thanks him. They shocks seeing Kareena and Kritika there.

Ruchika asks Megha to leave from her house. Megha says to her that Akshay loved her truly. Ruchika says to her that Akshay just used Megha and he was her husband. They threatens each other with each other’s secrets. Megha leaves from there. Srishti and Sameer overhears their conversation.

Srishti says to Ruchika that she heard everything and asks what she knows about Akshay and about which truth she was talking to Megha. Ruchika tells them to leave from there but they refuses. So she calls Police and warns them to leave from there. Srishti says to her that she knows that Ruchika didn’t call the Police and asks her to tell the truth.

Kareena hugs Preeta then apologize to her. Kritika apologize to Preeta for breaking the promise. Preeta says to Kareena that Mahesh came to meet her and Karan was helping her so they need not to apologize to her because it’s not their mistake and she did everything for her family only. She says to her that Karan will make sure that she gets released as soon as possible. Kritika hugs her from behind.

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