Today’s Kumkum Bhagya Episode 22 April 2021 Written – Pragya brings breakfast for Abhi in jail

Pragya cries in Abhi’s bedroom hugging fuggi doll and says to doll that she is missing Rockstar like her. Abhi in prison thinks about Pragya.

Next day Pragya goes to meet Abhi with morning breakfast and notices that he is sleeping than she wakes him up by giving coffee. Abhi asks how can she do everything. Pragya tells him she can do anything for him and she feeds food to him and tells him how everyone at their home is missing him and tells him that today she is going meet Lawyer and assures him that they will win the case. Abhi asks can she wake him up every day in their home. Pragya says not with this much love, if you won’t wake up than I will dip your finger in Coffee. Abhi asks her to take him out soon, as he can’t live without her. Pragya assures him it will happen soon and leaves to meet Lawyer.

Pragya meets the lawyer. Lawyer asks her to tell him about case details. Tanu thinks about Prachi and Rhea warning. Makeup artist asks her to set the makeup but she makes her face look like she didn’t slept from days and goes to give her interview. Media people starts their interview with Tanu. Ranbir and Vikram watches the interview. Tanu defames Abhi and his family in interview and tells in interview how Aliya and Pragya, Abhi daughter’s are threatening her to take back the case. Ranbir gets mad. Tanu says she will fight for justice so these kind of Mehra’s won’t ruin anyone’s life like her.

Ranbir says Prachi can never threaten anyone and this Tanu is lying. Pallavi asks why he is taking stress. Ranbir tells her he can’t see it and he goes to keep an eye on Tanu every move to expose her lies. After interview Reporter asks Tanu why she took Abhi’s daughters name in national television. Tanu tells her to use her story to increase their business.

Lawyer says every news paper is blaming Abhi. Pragya says all are saying lies to defame Abhi’s image. Tanu feels happy seeing her interview is going viral. Ranbir follows Tanu like her shadow.

Aliya goes to meet Abhi and blames herself for his condition. Abhi asks her to don’t blame herself. Aliya asks how can he forgive easily. Abhi tells her he learnt it from Pragya and don’t think that I’m in jail because of Pragya. Aliya says how Tanu told her that she filed this case because of Pragya. Abhi says Pragya didn’t tell me anything but he asks Aliya if she has done anything wrong with pragya. Aliya thinks how she blamed Pragya. Rhea goes to Abhi and tells him how much she is missing him and informs him that they are supporting Pragya to get him out. Aliya says she will support Pragya and will correct her mistake which she did by calling Tanu to home.

Assistant shows Tanu video to Lawyer. Lawyer shows it to Pragya and she tells him Tanu is lying. Lawyer was about to leave saying he is busy but Pragya stops him. Lawyer refuses to accept the case telling he don’t want to risk his firm name for open and shut case plus Tanu is getting public support. Pragya says Tanu is not victim, we are victims but how can you call yourself as lawyer when you can’t fight for justice. Lawyer asks her to stop it.

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