MTV Splitsvilla 14 EP 1 Written Updates, Team Spartans vs Five Lovers, Twists, Task Details & Winners Names, and More

First episode of MTV Splitsvilla 14 started with the introduction of both the hosts “Sunny Leone & Arjun Bijlani” and they both arrived on Shringaar Kaise Ho song playing in the background. They said that this year boys and girls will be on two completely different islands as boys will be on Isle of Mars and girls will be on Isle on Venus. Sunny went to meet the boys and Arjun went to meet the girls.

10 boys were shown at first and they were going to the Isle of Mars on a motorboat after which their introductions started. Later on, 10 Girls were shown and they were going on a motorboat too but they were going towards Isle of Venus. Introduction of girls was started as well.

Boys finally reached the Isle of Mars and there was a big beautiful Bungalow in the middle of the island. There was a placard on a tree and a poem was written on it which is, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Girls! I Wonder Where You Are?”

Girls reached the Isle of Venus and all of them were looking for the boys. They saw a placard and on the placard, it was written, “Doori Hai Zaroori.” Girls got very happy seeing their pretty villa and the beautiful pool. There was another placard which reads, “Mars Follows Venus.”

Boys were also searching for the girls at every corner of their villa. Sunny Leone finally arrived at the Isle of Mars villa and all the boys got happy seeing her. Hamid Barkzi said a shayri for Sunny and Dhruvin Busa in the background said that he will go down soon. Sunny complimented the boys saying that they are looking very hot.

Arjun Bijlani arrived at the Isle of Venus and all the girls went crazy seeing him. They were all blushing sitting in front of him. Arjun asked Shrea Prasad, Why are you so quiet? She said, Banda Chahiye. Arjun further asks her, What will you call your boyfriend? She said, Tum Bohat Maal Hai. All the girls started telling Arjun about what type of boys they are interested in.

Finally Sunny and Arjun revealed to girls and boys that they will be living on separate islands. Sunny tells boys that this season you have to fight for your love.

Sunny tells boys that they have to divide themselves in two teams of 5 and then they have to meet her on the beach.

The teams were as follows :

Team 1 Five Lovers – Hamid Barkzi, Kashish Thakur, Amir Hossein, Rishabh Jaiswal, and Honey Kamboj

Picture of team Five Lovers in MTV Splitsvilla 14

Team 2 Spartans – Joshua Chhabra, Justin D’Cruz, Aagaz Akhtar, Dhruvin Busa, and Sohail D

Picture of team Spartans in MTV Splitsvilla 14

After getting divided into two teams, all the boys reached the challenge location.

Joshua Chhabra said in the background that he did not wanted both the former Roadies “Hamid and Kashish” in his team because he wants to show them that its not Roadies but Splitsvilla and he is going to be the king here.

At the challenge location Druvin had an argument with former Roadies contestant Hamid Barkzi and then Amir Hossein interfered after which Dhruvin and Amir were seen mocking each other.

Sunny asked boys, What quality do you think will impress women? Boys started giving their answers. Sunny then introduced Arjun Bijlani to the boys and he tells them about a big list of girls demands.

Arjun Bijlani finally gives the Impress Me If You Can task details :

Impress Me If You Can Task Info – One member from both the teams will come for each turn for a face off and Sunny will tell a trait from the list which boys have to perform & showcase. Whoever impresses Sunny the most, will get a rose from her and whichever team will have the most roses, will go to meet the girls.

First trait was – I like a Guy Who knows how to move – Dance.

Team Spartans chose Justin D’Cruz and Five lovers chose Hamid Barkzi.

Justin D’Cruz performed on Aadat Se Majboor song and his dance was absolutely mind blowing.

Hamid Barkzi gave a chhichora style Bollywood dance performance on Gandi Baat song and seeing his dance, the opposite team got nervous.

Finally Sunny gave the rose to Justin and he won while Hamid lost.

Second trait was – The Best Pickup line.

Team Spartans chose Joshua Chhabra and Five lovers chose Honey Kamboj.

Honey Kamboj performed first and he said, “Hi my name is Honey, I am 25, I love your curves but your smile is my favourite.” His own team was very disappointed with him on his awful pickup line.

Joshua Chhabra performed next and he said, “I’ll treat you like a queen, Never play you like a toy, You’re a pretty pretty girl but I am a pretty bad boy, Being mine is like passion, Love with me is a ride , Come be my lioness, Its a matter of pride.”

Honey Kamboj performed for second time and he fumbled badly after which he forgets his lines.

Joshua Chhabra performed for second time and he said, “Since I entered the show, I always thought that I was a 10 on 10 but now I feel that I’m a 9 and you are the one I need.”

Finally Sunny gave the rose to Joshua and he won while Honey lost.

Third trait was – Humour – Each boy from both the teams have to roast each other.

Team Spartans chose Dhruvin Busa and Five lovers chose Amir Hossein.

Amir performed first and he said, “Samundar Mei Gehrayi Bahut Hai aur Mere Lehje Mei Sehayi Bahut Hai, Tu Bach Ke Jaa Meri Jaan, Kyuki Meri Zindagi Tere Jaisi Aayi Bahut Hai.”

Dhruvin performed next and he said, “Mere Ghar Ke Pass Chai Ki Tapri Hai, Splitsvilla Mei Sirf Apna Bhai Amir Chhapri Hai.”

Amir performed for the second time and he said, “Mei Likhta Tha Toh Kalam Tod Ke Likhta Tha aur Jung Mei Tere Jaiso Ko Bohat Peeche Chhor Deta Tha, Tu Bach Gaya Kyuki Yeh Splitsvilla Hai, Warne Tereko Idhar Ich Phor Deta Tha.”

Dhruvin performed for the second time and he said, “Amir Tera Suja Hua Muh Dekh Ke, I was gonna make a joke about your centre of gravity but that still doesn’t explain why you can’t attract any women you ever meet so the gravity goes down to drain bro.”

Amir performed for the third time and he said, “Phool Hai Gulab Jaisa Phir Bhi Usme Kaanta Hai, Tu Hai Makhmal Jaisa Kyuki Tere Sar Pe Beep (Some Abuse).”

Dhruvin said that our job was to impress Sunny mam so can I say few pickup lines after which Amir roasted him again.

Durvin said a pickup line for Sunny, “You are the model and I’m the runway, You could walk all over me and you would still be my queen.”

Amir said a pickup line for Sunny Leone as well, “Dabbe Mei Dabbe, Dabbe Mei Khargosh, Sunny Mam Ko Pehli Baar Dekh Ke Ho Gaya Mei Behosh.”

Finally Sunny gave the rose to Amir and he won while Dhruvin lost.

After getting the rose, Amir said, “Dabbe Mei Dabba, Dabbe Mei Paani, Kaash Tum Bann Jaati Thi Mere Sapno Ki Rani.”

Final two qualities were – Physique and Strength

Team Spartans chose Aagaz Akhtar for Physique and Sohail D for Strength while Five lovers chose Rishabh Jaiswal for Physique and Kashish Thakur for Strength.

Aagaz went first to show his Physique and he showcased his 6 Pack Abs on Yeh Mere 6 Pack Abs song. During the task, Aagaz was impressing Rishabh instead of Sunny Leone.

Rishabh went next to showcase his Physique and during his showcase, he even did multiple kip ups.

Finally Sunny gave the rose to Rishabh and he won while Aagaz lost.

Dhruvin abused Amir and all the boys came in between to calm things down.

Finally an arm wrestling competition happened between Kashish Thakur vs Sohail D and Sohail D won it very convincingly.

Team Spartans wins the Impress Me If You Can Task by 3-2

Dhruvin told Sohail that you’re a warrior and Amir made fun of him. Hamid started shouting that you people made me your father in the villa.

Sunny Leone announced a twist that the losing team “Five Lovers” will block a guy from the winning team “Spartans” from going to the Isle of Venus and meet the girls.

Five Lovers blocked Aagaz Akhtar from going to the Isle of Venus.

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