Today’s Kumkum Bhagya Episode 26 April 2021 Written – Pragya continues her search for Lawyer

Pragya tells Tanu she won’t get anything by doing this drama. Tanu says she gonna ruin her by punishing Abhi. Pragya asks why is she involving Abhi if she wants to take revenge from her. Tanu says he needs some punishment too because he insulted my love by throwing me out from his life and home that’s why I make him out from your life and I will teach lesson to everyone so let’s ready to face this new Tanu.

Pragya says you will do mistake because of your over confidence which will change your win to defeat. Tanu advices her to search good lawyer. Singhania enters inside by opening the door and tells them it’s his office not their home. Pragya leaves from his office.

While on the way Pragya thinks about Tanu words than she contacts many lawyers but no-one is ready to take the case which makes her feel helpless than she thinks hope Aliya founds some lawyer and she rushes home to in auto.

Tanu feels happy with Pragya state than she gets someone call and talks with that person happily. Ranbir spots Tanu hugging some man and he follows their car to found that man. Aliya informs to family that no lawyer is ready to accept the case. Rhea asks how’s it possible.

Mitali says Tanu is getting so much sympathy because of her video that’s why no lawyer is ready to take risk. Rhea feels furious. Pallavi consoles her telling they will found someone. Pragya overhears their convo and founds that Aliya didn’t get any lawyer. Aliya says hope Pragya got some lawyer. Rhea says Mom promised me to save Dad so she will get it for sure. Dadi sees Pragya. Rhea goes to Pragya and asks if she talked to the lawyer about Abhi’s case. Pragya says they will surely win this case. Aliya asks if she really got the lawyer.

Pragya agrees. Rhea feels happy. Pallavi praises Pragya saying she is best wife and everyone praises her. Pragya goes telling them that she needs to call someone. Rhea happily tells to Aliya that mom has keep up her promise and she will definitely going to save Dad.

Pragya thinks where she can find the lawyer who can see the fake side of Tanu than she calls to Singhania and tells him how Tanu confessed to me that Abhi didn’t raped her and she is doing this for revenge so please suggest some other lawyer to me. Singhania says I know you’re helpless but I can’t help you because Tanu have proof and he cuts the call. Pragya breaks her mobile and went out taking bag.

Prachi goes to meet Tanu place but founds no one is opening the door than she thinks to enter home through window.

Pragya meets Saritha and tells her that she needs her help. Saritha asks what happened. Pragya tells her no lawyer is ready to take the case saying it’s open and shut case so think if you know any Lawyer?

Prachi notices house is empty. Tanu enters home and scolds security for not opening gate on time and gives house keys to unknown man.

Prachi notice them from hiding place and thinks what’s Tanu doing with police officer than she gets Shahana call. Ranbir tries to enter inside but Watchmen stops him and asks where is he going. Ranbir tells him he is carpenter but Watchmen won’t believe seeing his attire but Ranbir fools him by his drama and enters inside.

Saritha tells she knows some old lawyer who works from home. Pragya asks Saritha to give his detail to her. Saritha says don’t blame me if he won’t work properly. Pragya tells her she is ready to take risk and asks what’s lawyer name. Saritha says he is Raghuvir mishra.

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