Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 22 April 2021 Written – Sarla asks Rakhi for help

Sarla arrives at Luthra Mansion house and says to Sherlyn that she wants to meet Rakhi. Sherlyn tells her that Rakhi is not here but Sarla ignores her and calls Rakhi. Kareena comes there and asks Sarla that why she came. Sarla says to her saying she came to meet Rakhi. Seeing Kritika, Sarla asks her to call Rakhi. Kareena says to Sarla that she already explained her family so no one will support Preeta so Sarla should not waste her energy if she came to talk about Preeta then. Kritika says to her that Sarla is stressed already and asks Kareena to not talk to Sarla like that.

Sarla asks Kritika to call Rakhi. Kareena drags Kritika towards her and asks Sarla to stay away from Kritika saying that no one going to help Sarla. She says to Sherlyn seems like Sarla forget the way to the main door and tells her to show it to Sarla. She tells Sarla to leave the house.

Rakhi comes there. Sarla says to her that she needs Rakhi’s help. Kareena says to her that Rakhi won’t help Sarla because Preeta is a murderer. Sarla says to her that Preeta is innocent and her daughter can’t kill anyone. Kareena says to her that Preeta confessed her crime already. Sarla says to her that she don’t want to argue with her because she just came to ask help from Rakhi. Rakhi says to her that she will try her best to save Preeta. Kareena asks her to think about Kritika not Preeta and says to her that until Kritika’s marriage happens Preeta can’t enter Luthra house. Sarla says to Rakhi that no one can understand her pain and blames Luthra’s for not supporting Preeta.

Mahira receives message from Blackmailer and she leaves the room. Srishti and Sameer learns that someone blackmailing Mahira and follows her. Prithvi also receives message from his Blackmailer. Mahira collides with Prithvi and they dropped their mobile. Srishti takes the mobile from the floor.

Rakhi says to Sarla that Preeta is her daughter too and she didn’t forget that how Preeta used to save Luthra’s from problems and now it’s her turn to support Preeta and she will bring Preeta to Luthra house. She informs her that she and Karan went to meet the Lawyer for Preeta. Sarla gets relieved hearing her.

Kareena yells at Rakhi for hiring Lawyer for Preeta and says to her that last time Kritika’s marriage stopped because of Preeta but this time if anything happens then Rakhi will be responsible for that. She says to Rakhi that no one understanding her and decides to leave the house.

Rakhi stops her and says to her that Kareena misunderstood her. Kritika says to Kareena that Preeta saved her life and everything happened because of her. On the other hand, Mahesh meets Preeta and assures her saying that nothing will happen to her.


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