Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 22 April 2021 Written – Soumya agrees to give Harman a chance

Doctor checks Simran and her baby girl. She calls Harman and Soumya inside the room to meet Simran. Soumya asks Doctor is child healthy or not? Doctor says they both are healthy. Harman says always stay happy my family little one. Harman was about to leave but Harak, Preeto and Rohan arrived. Harman hides behind a curtain. Harman recalls about the moment when he met Preeto recently.

Pandit Ji in fear leaves from Parmeet house. Parmeet, Nayan and Kamini gets shocked. Virat enters the house. He looks at Heer. Virat recalls how Heer scared Pandit Ji on phone. He thinks he won’t tell Parmeet about it. He says to Parmeet that at this moment only it matters what you think. Parmeet says I want you and Nayan to get married soon. Virat tells Parmeet that engagement will happen after two days. Heer gets shocked.

Heer went to Virat’s room but she did not find him there. Virat arrives and he throws a bottle at Heer. Heer tries to tell Virat about Nayan’s reality. Virat did not listened to him. He shows her cupboard saying all the clothes here are his. He says there is nothing in this room which belongs to him. He further says we have separate ways now. Heer recalls about their past moments. Virat throws the chair.

Harman at his house looks at Harak and Preeto’s photo. He recalls his past moments with them. Harman then looks at Soumya’s photo. He recalls his beautiful memories with her. Harman thinks today after helping Gulaabo I realized how much I have missed you all. Now I hope Gulaabo will accept that I am her Harman. Bell rings and Harman opens the door.

Soumya was at the door. Harman gets happy seeing her and calls her Gulaabo again. Soumya says don’t call me by this name again. Harman says its my copyright. Soumya invites him for dinner. Soumya says Preeto gets happy knowing how he helped her during Simran’s delivery. She told him to not behave like Harman in front of her family.

Harman puts a condition in front of Soumya saying she has to go somewhere with him tomorrow. Soumya says if you don’t want to come then don’t come. Harman says you don’t know my family then because they will come here then I will tell them the truth. Soumya says where I have to go. Harman asks for just one chance. Soumya gave him a chance and says if he failed to prove anything tomorrow then he will leave his family and this city forever. Harman accepts the condition.

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