WWE RAW 21 July 2020 Full Show Results, Segments Highlights Written Details

Stephanie McMahon steps in at todays episode of RAW to resolve the confusion occured during last night when Sasha Banks claimed the RAW Women’s title also Ruby Riott goes against Peyton Royce once again but this time Bianca Belair watching her back. Mustafa Ali makes a return on the red brand. Drew McIntyre says that he is lookig for a worthy opponent to challenge for his WWE Championship. Randy Orton faces Big Show in an unsanctioned match in the main event and lets him know that why he’s biing called the legend killer.

WWE RAW 21 July 2020 Winners and Losers

1. Seth Rollins w/Buddy Murphy vs. Aleister Black Singles Match

Winner – Seth Rollins

Loser – Aleister Black

Seth Rollins goes up top. Aleister Black cuts Rollins off. Black sets up a superplex. Rollins snaps Black’s arm on the top rope. Rollins tries a flying knee but Black sidesteps it. Rollins manages to hit the Stomp for the win. After the match, Rollins sends Buddy Murphy to beat down Black. Murphy and Rollins drag Black to the outside area. Rolling bangs Black’s hand on the announce desk over and over again. Rollins screams “when is enough enough” Murphy sits on Black’s back as Rollins stands on his hand. Rollins drapes part of the announce desk on Black’s arm. Rollins asks who is going to save Black. Rollins retorts that he will. The Monday Night Messiah will Rollins stomps Black’s arm.

2. The Hurt Business (Lashley, MVP and Benjamin) vs. Cedric Alexander, Ricochet, and Mustafa Ali 6 Man Tag Team Match

Winners – Cedric Alexander, Ricochet, and Mustafa Ali

Losers – The Hurt Business (Laashley, MVP and Benjamin)

Mustafa Ali kicks MVP in the face and hits a rolling x-factor. Bobby Lashley breaks up the pin. Ali low bridges Lashley. Ricochet and Cedric Alexander both try to dive on Lashley but he grabs them both by the throat. Ali hits a suicide dive that sends Lashley flying over the announce desk. Back in the ring, MVP misses a running boot in the corner. While MVP is tied up in the ropes, Ali hits a backbreaker. Ali crushes MVP with a 450 for the win.

3. Ruby Riott vs. Peyton Royce Singles Match

Winner – Ruby Riott

Loser – Peyton Royce

Peyton Royce screams that Liv Morgan will never trust Ruby Riott. Riott tackles Royce and lands a few strikes. Royce catches Riott with a big boot. Royce works over Riott. Royce dives off the top but Riott moves out of the way. Royce lands on her feet but walks right into the Riott Kick. Riott pins Royce and finally gets a singles win against one of the IIconics.

4. The Street Profits vs. Andrade and Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega Tag Team Match

Winners – The Street Profits

Losers – Andrade and Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega

The Street Profits sets up a doomsday device. Angel Garza crotches Montez Ford on the top rope. Ford knocks Garza off the top. Ford leaps off the top rope, turns in midair, and flattens Garza with a frog splash for the win!

5. Bayley w/Sasha Banks vs. Kairi Sane w/ Asuka Singles Match

Winner – Kairi Sane

Loser – Bayley

Kairi Sane hits the InSANE Elbow on Bayley. Bayley gets her foot on the bottom rope to break the pin. Sane tries another interceptor but Bayley knees her in the head. Back suplex by Bayley. Bayley drops an elbow on off the top to Sane kicks out. Bayley attempts the Bayley-to-Belly but Sane reverses it into a roll-up for the win!

6. The Big Show vs. Randy Orton Unsanctioned match

Winner – Randy Orton

Loser – Big Show

Big Show lays Randy Orton on the table Show misses a Vader bomb, completely destroying the table in the process. Orton hits the RKO. Show kicks out. Orton hits Show with a chair multiple times. Orton hits another RKO for the win. After the match, Orton punts Show. Orton gets in Show’s ear and says he told him. One more legend down.

WWE RAW 21 July 2020 All Segments Updates

1. Seth Rollins enters the ring and informs us that Rey Mysterio’s eye was out of its socket. Rollins asks the crowd to understand this was hard for him as well. The visual made Rollins sick to his stomach figuratively and literally. Rollins says he has been asked over and over again if he regrets it. Rollins has to answer that question with a question. Does the WWE Universe regret what they did to him? The WWE Universe made him. Rollins asks the crowd is they regret what they did to him and to Mysterio by proxy. Mysterio asked for this match to be ‘eye for an eye’. Actions have consequences. What happened last night was unfortunate but we can’t afford to dwell in the past. The beautiful thing about this is Mysterio is out of sight. The greater good can happen and will happen. There is nobody left to stand in the way of the greater good. Aleister Black interrupts. Black tells Rollins to not dare to deflect any of the blame for this. This is all on Rollins’ hands. Black says he is here to rectify it. Black takes off his vest and charges the ring. Buddy Murphy tries to cut Black off but Black kicks him in the head. Black gets in the ring but Murphy pulls him out. Black unloads on Murphy. Black ends his relentless series of strikes by tossing Murphy over the announce desk. Black gets in the ring. Rollins rolls out of the other side.

2. Backstage, MVP and Lashley were talking to Ron Simmons. Simmons tells them to remember what he said. There is a better way. Simmons daps up MVP and Lashley. Simmons walks way. MVP tells Lashley that they will talk about that later. R-Truth was standing nearby. R-Truth tells MVP that he’s wearing a nice replica belt. MVP says he beat Apollo Crews so he’s the champ. MVP says he is wondering if the 24/7 champ would like to come to the ring with them. R-Truth says he’s all set. He doesn’t want Lashley to put him in Ashford and Simpson again (Full Nelson). MVP says he was talking to the new 24/7 champion. Shelton Benjamin kicks R-Truth in the face and pins him.

3. Shelton Benjamin becomes the new 24/7 Champion.

4. MVP, Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin came to the ring, MVP says last night he emerged the new United States champion. Lashley rag-dolled Crews so badly that Crews couldn’t be the fighting champ he claimed to be. It wouldn’t have mattered if Crews showed up or not. When they are done with Ricochet and Cedric Alexander, they are going to celebrate all this championship gold. Alexander and Ricochet interrupt and call MVP stupid poo poo heads (basically). MVP says they can pick to members of the Hurt Business to face tonight. Ricochet says they have another partner. It’s Mustafa Ali. Lashley charges the ramp. Ricochet and Alexander duck Lashley’s double clothesline attempt. Lashley runs right into a superkick from Ali. Alexander and Ricochet superkick Lashley. Ricochet and Alexander hit the ring and take out MVP and Benjamin.

5. Backstage, Randy Orton says he only thinks about the moment he crushed Edge’s surgically repeated neck with a chair. Past relationships no longer matter to the greatest wrestler ever. Orton says Christian, Big Show, and Edge all saved him at some point during his career. Orton destroyed Edge and Christian. He ended both their careers. Orton is looking forward to punting Big Show and ending his career, too.

6. Christian joins the broadcast via satellite. Samoa Joe asks Christian how is feeling after his unsanctioned match with Orton. Christian says he knew what he was getting into. Using Ric Flair as a weapon was low. Christian will never look at Orton or Flair the same again.

7. Backstage, Bianca Belair says she is the EST of WWE. She played the nicest last week when she helped her girl Ruby out last week against the two of the thirties. Peyton Royce walks in and tells Belair she wasted her time last week. Ruby Riott walks in and says they beat Royce and Kay last week. Royce calls Liv Morgan a loser. Ruby Riott gets in Royce’s face. Belair holds both women back. Belair tells Royce that Riott is going to give her a beating that is IIconinc.

8. Backstage, Charly Caruso asks Andrade and Angel Garza how they will get on the same page for their match tonight. Zelina Vega interrupts to answer but the Street Profits attack both men from behind.

9. Backstage, Zelina Vega yells at Angel Garza and Andrade for losing. Garza says he and Andrade are on the same page. Vega tells them to prove it.

10. Sasha Banks and Bayley came to the ring, Banks holds up the RAW Women’s Championship. The crowd boos. Bayley shames the audience for booing. Banks says she fought for this championship, unlike her opponent Asuka, who was handed the title by Becky Lynch. Banks reminds everyone that after Asuka spit the mist in the referee’s face there was no way he could count. Bayley had to do the right thing. Bayley says she had to make the count. Banks says now she is Two Belts Banks. Now they have all the gold. Bayley and Banks prance around the ring. Asuka and Kairi Sane interrupts. Asuka says Banks wasn’t ready for Asuka. Just like Asuka wasn’t ready for a thief. Asuka yells that that’s her title. Banks tells Asuka to come and get it. Asuka and Sane walks to the ring. Stephanie McMahon appears on the ‘Tron and says Banks didn’t win last week but Asuka didn’t win either. Stephanie books Asuka vs. Banks next week. The winner will be the RAW Women’s Champion. If Bayley gets involved, Banks will lose the match. Sane and Asuka charges the ring.

11. Backstage, Drew McIntyre says he feels like he fell down several flights of stairs after this match with Dolph Ziggler last night. McIntyre is heading to the ring to talk about what’s next for him.

12. Drew McIntyre came to the ring and says that he has to hand it to Dolph Ziggler. The stipulation he picked was brilliant. McIntyre says he has to admit, Ziggler almost had him last night, but that’s the story of Ziggler’s career, almost accomplishing something. McIntyre says SummerSlam is coming up and he wants a worthy opponent. Ziggler interrupts and says he saw fear in McIntyre’s eyes last night. Ziggler wants another shot. McIntyre tells Ziggler no. McIntyre literally beaten Ziggler 24 hours ago. Ziggler says he wants what he is deserved. McIntyre says he’s starting to feel bad for Ziggler. McIntyre says he’s just going to leave. Ziggler lunges at McIntyre but McIntyre knocks him on his butt. McIntyre starts to walk up the ramp. Ziggler calls McIntyre an SOB. McIntyre turns around. Ziggler says McIntyre can have whatever kind of match he wants. McIntyre agrees and tries to leave. Ziggler asks what the stipulation is. McIntyre says turnabout is fair play. McIntyre will tell Ziggler what the stipulation is right before the match.

13. Backstage, the Big Show says he knows what kind of jeopardy his career and health are in tonight. Show says he prayed for a long time that the sadistic side of Randy Orton wouldn’t resurface. Show doesn’t know if it’s Orton turning it up or if its Flair manipulating him. Show says he knows it may be the end of the line but he is going to do anything and everything to make sure Orton doesn’t write the end of his story.

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