Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 15 March 2021 Written – Sherlyn’s effort to stop Preeta failed

Preeta tells Sameer and Srishti that it seems Prithvi came in this house because he wants to take a revenge from a certain Luthra then they decide to find out which Luthra he wants to take revenge from. Karan had a sweet brotherly talk with Rishabh and Karan says that I’m most comfortable with you. Karan asks Rishabh to choose a finger and then Rishabh chooses one after which Karan says yes as according to him Rishabh chose the the right finger and engagement will not happen now.

Kritika wants to have some mehandi on her hands but Pandit Ji says that there is not enough time in Mahurat then Prithvi says that you can do it after the engagement. Preeta receives a call from Karan and he tells her to come downstairs as the rituals have started after which Preeta leaves. Sherlyn gets nervous as she saw Preeta going to stop the engagement. Sherlyn started following Preeta and she also tells Mahira about Preeta’s intentions of stopping engagement.

Baani Dadi came in the hallway and Sherlyn picks aa vase to hit Preeta. Baani Dadi was about to see Sherlyn with the vase but Mahira creates a distraction by throwing a pot on the floor. Srishti comes out of the room and she sees Sherlyn trying to stop Preeta. Sherlyn was about to hit Preeta but Srishti grabs her hand and hits her with the same vase on head after which Sherlyn gets unconscious.

Srishti takes Sherlyn to a room and she ties her up after which Srishti tells her that they have proof against them and Preeta will expose her and Prithvi in front of Luthra’s. Srishti leaves the room and Mahira releases Sherlyn. Kritika was about to put ring in Prithvi’s finger but Preeta came there and stopped them. Preeta takes Kareena with her telling her that she wants to discuss something important with her.

Sherlyn started calling Prithvi to tell him about Preeta’s plan to expose them. Downstairs, Prithvi was tensed but Kritika tried to calm him down. Suresh thanked Prithvi for saving Kritika from goons. Prithvi started receiving Sherlyn’s call on his phone but he saved her number with her mom’s name. Kritika gets shocked seeing his mom’s number flashing on his phone as Sanjana was with them at that time. Prithvi thinks that he’s trapped now.

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