Kundali Bhagya Episode 18 September 2021 Written Update – Sonakshi shows her true colors

Yashvardhan at his house was continuously calling Sonakshi but she was not picking his phone he gets furious. Finally Sonakshi enters his room on the wheel chair and asks him why is he calling her again and again. A flashback was shown and it was revealed that it was all a plan by Sonakshi and his father to fool Luthra’s and they also faked the accident so that he can get sympathy.

Sonakshi told his father in the flashback that she loves Karan a lot and she and wants him but Preeta is his wife now so she can’t do anything because Karan loves her a lot. Yashvardhan tells Sonakshi that he will help her in getting Karan back and separate Preeta from him. Sonakshi gets up from chair and starts walking. She drinks water and Yashvardhan tells her to keep on giving him updates as he is getting very much concerned about her.

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Sonakshi tells Yashvardhan that Sherlyn can create problem for her. Yashvardhan says he will take care of her. Rishabh returns back from London and the whole family gets happy seeing him back. Karan tells Rishabh about Sonakshi ands Rishabh says why you always gets into these kind of problems.

Sherlyn goes into Sonakshi’s room and she gets shocked seeing no one there. Sonakshi comes out of bathroom and Sherlyn says I just came here as no one was here. Sherlyn thinks she is playing a big game. Sonakshi thinks it was easy to go outside from bathroom window and come back in from there.

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